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Need another Key and key fob

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I just bought the wife a 2013 edge and need another key with key fob. It is not a push start.


where is the best place to go? I am in southern California.


I also wanted to know how I can access the driver keypad. Customer, I purchased it from had no clue what the code was or is for the driver door keypad.


I also need a nav sd card as well


thank you for any help,


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You can find keys online. The price will vary if you have remote start and auto lift gate. You can get them programed at the dealer when they cut them for you.

IKTs, IAs, Fobs (I know they are not Ford OEM numbers, but they work with google :)). As per Candurin


164-R8070 (IKT: three buttons; lock, unlock, panic)
164-R8073 (IKT: four buttons; lock, unlock, trunk release, panic)
164-R8067 (IKT: four buttons; lock, unlock, remote start, panic)
164-R8000 (IKT: five button; lock, unlock, remote start, trunk/liftgate, panic)


The 5 digit door code can be found on the back of your fuse box lid.


Personally I wouldn't bother using the an updated nav sd card. You are better off using whatever nav app you prefer on your cell. But in case you want peace of mind or find yourself in a area with poor reception.


Here you go:




Hope this helps.

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so buy online and have the dealer cut the key and program it. (thank you)


yes it has auto lift gate but not remote start (I wish)


Its easy to add remote start to your 2013. Buy the antennae (DA8Z-19G364-A) and attach it to the module I behind the plastic interior cover for the left quarter panel. I think its the TPMS. Its been a few years. You also need the hood pin switch (BT4Z-19G366-A).


All in all it should take you all of 15 minor less to install everything. Don't worry about not being able to get full access to behind the plastic interior. Once you remove part of it you should see the module, just mount the antennae.


Once you get your new keys go to the dealer and have them program it for remote start.. They should cut your keys as a courtesy (mine did). The price for programing should be .5hr of labor. You will need the 5 button key.


I don't think I'm missing any steps. If you search this forum and look for the user name Candurin you will see that he has helped dozens of users including me.

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As for the key, I bought mine off Ebay from a Ford dealer.

Here's one listing for an OEM key blank. (Personally I would avoid the cheaper Chinese knockoffs. (Too important an item should you be in a distant location and find it's gone kaput).



You WILL have to take the key to either a locksmith or local dealer to get it programmed to the car. You could also price the FOB, cutting and programming through the locksmith and see if there's a big difference in price or not.


And here's a video on where to find the factory door code. Remember that the previous owner's code is still programmed into your car and should be over-ridden as soon as possible (for security purposes). The procedure is simple and in your owner's manual.

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