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Check Engine Light and Codes


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Well I am glad I have my appointment on the 29th for the ac issue reported earlier although it seems to have resolved itself. Now I got a check engine light came on yesterday afternoon and the following codes were thrown.


P0420- Catalyst System Efficacy Below Threshold Bank 1


P0108- Manifold Absolute Pressure Or Barometric Pressure Circuit High Input


P008B- Low Pressure Fuel System Pressure-Too High (This one seems like an oxymoron to me how can it be low and too high)


Upon some initial research it seems like the car should be running really rough with these codes and it is running as smooth as silk just like it normally does. I will post once I find out more next Friday the 29th.


Thankfully have another 4,000 miles until the warranty runs out.

Any input would be appreciated.

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The P008B code relates to the low pressure fuel pump in the fuel tank. The high pressure fuel pump being atop the engine.


Could be the fuel pump control module at fault, or an actual restriction in the fuel line perhaps.


The MAP sensor - dirty/corroded connections or loose pins in the wiring loom are typically the issue.


The catalytic converter - could be a reaction to incorrect inputs for too long, such as a sticking or leaky fuel injector.


They really have to give it a good checkup to figure it out.

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Just took my 2018 edge with 2.0!eco boost back to dealer.   First took it in about 6 weeks ago when check engine light came on.  Didn’t notice anything going on.
codes P0316 and P0304.  Diagnostics indicated coolant in cylinder #4, almost no coolant in radiator. I’d had the oil changed at dealer about 1 month and a 1000 miles before with no indications of trouble.   Complete long block engine replacement.  I noticed a bit more power.   Now 1 month later and possibly 1000 miles check engine light back on.  No misfire or poor running.  At dealers since 12/20. Said they were backed up and would be after Christmas before they got to it.   I’m hoping it’s a fouled cat. Converter or oxygen sensor.   

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