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HID questions(I know these threads have been done to death)

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Hello all, I know these threads have been done to death, Ive searched the forums here and havent found the answers to my questions.


My cousin has her heart set on having HIDs installed on her 2013 edge. Im 12 hours away from the car so I cant look/investigate myself. Just looking to get her set up with a simple 35w kit


1. It appears the Edge uses the same

Bulb for high and low beam, correct?


2. If it uses the same bulb for high/low, it must vary the voltage between high/low? Or is there an actual moving part to accomplish this? Do you guys use dual stage kits? Or just do without one setting? Or?


3. I saw this video kc300c has on YouTube about his install. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WIp9W6Cz9PY&index=7&list=PLDDF561763C0C939A&t=625s he still had high/low, but the kit he installed didnt look like a 2 stage kit, was there something special about the kit? Or something Im missing?


4. I cant find 100% wether or not I will need bulb out cancellers, or even if this vehicle is equipped with that tech.


Thanks for any answers, just trying to get all the info before she orders a kit and I install next time Im visiting.


Thanks again.

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Ah, thanks for that, according to my uncle, he says it seems like there is something in front of the bulbs, blocking the light.

It seems maybe these shutters have failed, I can’t seem to find any repair info, even just to get them into a fixed position so she can drive the car at night would be acceptable. Any diy repairs out there?



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The 2013 uses a single bulb for high and low beam.


So activating the dim/bright lever does nothing on both headlights?


Activating the lever triggers the shutters (you would hear them moving) which blocks the top of the projected beam so as not to blind oncoming drivers ( low beam).


For high beam, the shutter moves out of the way to allow the unobstructed beam to shine further down the road.


I installed HID on my 13 SEL 5 years ago. Still going strong. Do you have daytime running lights on your edge? That would affect the type of kit you need.

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Ive done some reading that says the limiteds have factory HIDs, shes going to have someone down there take a peek and let me know.

she says she can hear a noise, and it goes from super dim, to pretty damn dim. So those shutters must me moving. My uncle seems to think something has come apart in the headlights(I could see 1, but not both) because the output is just that poor. Trying to diagnose a car from 12 hrs away, with the owner not knowing a lug nut from a radiator hose is pretty frustrating, so thanks for the info.

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Here is a generic diagram of how projector headlamps work:


This is the same design whether using halogen bulb projectors or HID projectors.


HID lamps don't burn out in the same way a halogen lamp does. As they age, HIDs gradually shift their color toward the blue (and eventually violet) end of the color spectrum and lose brightness due to reduced output (lumens) and reduced effective light (because of the color shift). Eventually they get to the point where you can see that they're on but they produce no usable light to the road. Perhaps, if the vehicle already has HID lights, they're just reaching the point where they are noticeably dimmer than they should be because they're wearing out. In that case, simply replacing the bulbs should resolve the problem.



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