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Lift gate Latch issues

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Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with my 09 Sport. When driving down the road and I hit a bump, my dash would ding and say “Lift gate ajar”. Ford suggested a new latch. ($335). Replaced the latch, and it still does it. I’ve tried repositioning the striker a million times to no avail. I have unplugged the sensor strips on the outside, and put jumpers on the plugs to keep the connection closed. No luck. 


Is there a way to bypass this??

thank you in advance


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How is the battery, have you tested the CCA's on it?  Did you try reinitializing the liftgate (I assume power liftgate?)?  Replace the 2 struts as well?


There may indeed be a wiring issue, which you would have to remove the trim panel again to check.

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Couple of ideas.


First press the SETUP button until POWER LIFTGATE ON OFF is displayed.  Does the "ON" or "OFF" have the "[ ... ]" brackets around it indicating the desired selection? 


If Yes, the system is operating normally at this time and the problem may have been caused by a momentary loss of communication with the LTM. If there are no brackets, try pressing the RESET button to allow the IC to query the LTM again. (If still no brackets, there is a malfunction and will need a scan tool to diagnose further.)


The second thing I would suggest, especially since you changed hardware, is to go through a Power Liftgate Initialization procedure. (Basically this should be performed whenever you realign the striker or do any alignment on the liftgate.)


NOTE: Make sure the power liftgate system is turned ON in the message center before performing this step and that the Liftgate must be in the closed/locked position before starting.


To start, first remove power from the LTM (Liftgate Module) for 20 seconds. Do this by either disconnecting the vehicle battery or removing the fuses controlling the power to the Liftgate (module & controller). There are two fuses that need to be pulled. The first is in the SJB (in cabin, near floor) and the second is in the Battery Junction Box (in the engine compartment).  SJB fuse #14 (10A) supplies battery logic power required for the software, clutch and internal switching operations; and power is supplied to the motor by fuse #59 (30A) in the Battery Junction Box (BJB).


After 20 seconds, reconnect the battery or replace the fuses and then power open the Liftgate by using the key fob or control switch. Once the power liftgate is fully open, close the power liftgate by using the key fob or control switch. The Liftgate is now re-initialized.

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