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Michael J. Drake

spark knock

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Welcome to the forum!


Modern engines use sensors to detect pre-ignition way before we can hear it and dial back timing.  "Spark knock" shouldn't happen without getting an error code indicating a sensor has gone bad. 


That said, I don't know what else might be happening that sounds like pre-ignition when accelerating.  If you have a code reader or auto parts store that'll let you borrow one you might want to check it for 'pending' codes.


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how many miles on your Edge?  have the plugs/coils/pcv valve been serviced yet?


could be bad fuel or sticking injector(s).  if this just started happening, check to see if a changeover to winter fuel has occurred in your area.  run a bottle of HEET (yellow) thru the tank, see if that helps.


does the CEL flash at any time during this event?

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In my wife's 2012, I got pre-ignition knock when it was too lean due to a bad MAf sensor. Eventually it threw codes for the too lean condition and the check engine light came on.  Check your fuel trims and see if they're pegged positive.

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