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Radiator Fans

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My ford recently started having overheating issues. I realised this is because one of my 2 factory installed radiatior fans stopped working. I get along with this and have no problem as long as I dont use the Airconditioner. 


I live in San Luis Potoso mexico and it is extremely expensive to replace the whole unit. Can someone give me a link to only the fan motor or some advise as to how I can fix it

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There is a video (in Arabic) on YT showing you how to repair the fan motor.  It's no different than commonplace motors, so as long as you are handy with tools, you likely can DIY.


Rockauto.com has assemblies I believe without the module.  You can swap the module from the old fans into the new assembly and it should work fine.


These are 2007 MY fans, since I do not know your Edge's info.



TYC is generally well received, if you can get them, you should be ok.  Amazon sells them too.

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