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Car is pulling right

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My car was rear-ended, the damage was pretty severe because I had a trailer hitch and the hit was strong enough to damage the frame.

the insurance has restored the ca by replacing the right rail. But now when I drive the car is pulling right when I accelerate let's say from 40mph to 60mph.

The body shop has made the wheel alignment twice, but the car still pulls right. What I have noticed at a low speed e.g. 40-50mph when coasting it's driving straight.

However, it's still pulling right even when cruising/coasting on 70-80mph. The body shop doesn't know how to fix it because the wheel alignment specs show everything within a norm.



Do you think the replacement of the frame parts could cause the issue? But then why wheel alignments show everything in spec?

When I drive on highways there is constant pressure on hands to keep the wheel, so the car drives straight... that's pretty annoying..


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could be bad tires, could be the subframe (front or rear) was knocked about, or the control arms are shot. 


I would also check to see if the inner tie rods are binding.

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