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Paul k

Tire suggestion 2019 Edge

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Hello all, We just bought a 2019 Edge Titanium with 31k on the odometer. We love the vehicle but the ride is louder than we like and am guessing new tires would help. Vehicle passed Certified Pre Owned statues so tires aren’t bald but worn. Tires size is 245/55r19. Looking for suggestion as to what people like when they have replaced their tires. May concern is quietness and quality of ride.  Live in Mn so All Season would be good but not too hung up on snow and ice performance as we have a pickup when weather gets ugly. Thank you all for your input.

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You're going to get a lot of responses on this.


What I did years ago, go to Tirerack.com and look at the highest rated tires. Then read the reviews. Now, most of the reviews on this site are for tires with 5k or less. Not very indicative of long term. Then I went to Amazon, looked up the best of Tirerack.com, and read the reviews. These reviews covered not just new, but 50k miles.

I ended up going with Bridgestone Deulers.


Michelin is very quite and smooth, but only last for 20k (they use different rubber in the tread, soft for 20k the hard to reach the 40k life). I've had Michelin and they do dramatically change after 20k. As the reviews state.


Nice thing about Bridgestone is consistent over their lifetime. Have Scorpion's on wife's car and their also great. Really quiet and smooth. Can't vouch for life as she doesn't put a lot of miles on car and being a Convertible, fairly lightweight. (Tires last longer on lighter vehicles).

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We just picked up a 2017 CPO Sport. It came with the 21 inch factory wheels and almost new Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring AS tires.  The tires are fairly quiet, ride nice (for being on 21's), are responsive, all season rated, and are available in your size for 19 inch wheels.  They are rated for 65k miles in the "V" rated and the "H" rated are allegedly good for 75k miles.  https://www.uniroyaltires.com/products/tiger-paw-touring-all-season


I just posted about another set of wheels and winter tires, in a different thread, that I am going with for the remainder of the winter.

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