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Can anyone tell me where are spark plugs?


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The front 3 plugs are easy to access...However, the 3 other plugs on the backside of the engine (if looking from the front) are a pain..


The Upper Intake Manifold will need to be removed - 6 bolts on the Upper Manifold, one(1) on the throtle body (support bracket towards the bottom of the throtle body) and one(1) behind the Upper Intake (once again to a support bracket near the firewall). All of these bolts (8 in total) are 8mm..


You will also need to remove the following:


- Air Intake pipe

- Vacuum line that is connected to the intake pipe right hand side then goes into the firewall

- disconnect the Mass Air Meter connector (on the intake pipe, next to the filter box)

- Valve cover hose that goes into the Air intake pipe (Hot Oil fumes)

- PCV hose on the backside of the Upper Intake Manifold...You really need to reach for this one


and most importantly


- There is a connector (2 wires) to the PCV (behind the Upper Intake Manifold) which is not easy to access, but with some patience you can get it out.


That is it...Please be EXTREMELY careful when removing the Upper Intake Manifod NOT TO DAMAGE the gaskets (3 pairs) that sit between the Upper and Lower Manifolds if you intend in re-using them (in the case your car is still new..) The Gaskets sit in place in the Upper Manifold, they won't fall or move since they are "nudged" into the Intake. BTW, the gaskets are light Green in color.

If you decide to change them, better make sure your local Ford Dealer has them in stock..They run about $8 a piece...


I recently replaced the stock plugs and went thru this exercise. Looks harder than what it is..

I replaced the stock plugs with Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion (Advanced Auto Parts --> $9 each). These plugs have a longer life than the standard plugs + I should see "some" improvement in my gas mileage..


REMEMBER to always USE Anti-Seize on the plugs and any bolts that you have removed..You will be glad you did this in the future...


The OEM plugs do not have any anti-seize on them, and since they are "long life", chances are that they will seize inside your Engine Head...There is a danger when removing a seize plug that the thread will be damaged since it is made of Aluminum, and this is one road you do not want to travel. So ALWAYS use Anti-Seize..Your mechanic will Thank you..

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