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Rear Differential Assembly from 2011 fit a 2014 ?

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Hello. Help me solve the following problem: is it possible to install a rear axle gearbox from the 2011 model on a 2014 car? The original 2014 part number is, and the part number from the 2011 car is. Are they interchangeable or is such a replacement not possible? Thank you very much for your answers Edited by 1004ron
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Should be.  Just have to update the ATC strategy code (from label on the unit) so the RDU can be controlled properly by the PCM.


There are officially 3 revisions used in gen 1.5:


Production Date:


I have not seen any mention of specific changes in the factory manuals, but there may be slight differences in mounting.  Sometimes they like to eliminate fixtures they deem unnecessary.

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I'm also trying to solve the problem with the AWD machine of 2013! I studied this topic as much as possible and concluded that the rear gearbox from 2011 is not suitable, since its gear ratio is 2.91 and on my gearbox it is 2.92!!!! It is not possible to find a new or used S 154 A or S 154 D!!! CAN someone give me some advice on what to do?  Can someone share a link where you can order the gears of the main pair of the rear gearbox separately?






photo_2022-12-03_10-36-13 (2).jpg


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