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Rear Differential Assembly from 2011 fit a 2014 ?

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  • Hello. Help me solve the following problem: is it possible to install a rear axle gearbox from the 2011 model on a 2014 car? The original 2014 part number is F2GZ-4000-A, and the part number from the 2011 car is S-154-A, S-154-D or 9E51-4000-AC. Are they interchangeable or is such a replacement not possible? Thank you very much for your answers!


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Should be.  Just have to update the ATC strategy code (from label on the unit) so the RDU can be controlled properly by the PCM.


There are officially 3 revisions used in gen 1.5:


Production Date:


I have not seen any mention of specific changes in the factory manuals, but there may be slight differences in mounting.  Sometimes they like to eliminate fixtures they deem unnecessary.

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