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2016 Edge SEL & 2500lb trailer

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Hey All. I am looking at buying a 2016 Ford Edge, but I have a 2500lb boat/trailer. I live in Oklahoma - roads are mostly flat.  The Edge I am looking at does not have a trailer package, but I do see that I can have a viable hitch installed.  Would this be feasible without all of the fancy factory tow package, do you think? I feel like it would work just fine. But, would like to hear your input.  I'm old school and hauled trailers with old trucks, no ABS, no traction control, no trailer assists, drum brakes... I don't feel I would have an issue controlling the trailer. I am mostly wondering about the chassis and the tongue weight if it would have a problem.



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max tow capacity is 3500 lbs.  stay under that and you are good.  if you tow regularly, you will want to follow the special operating conditions fluid change intervals. basically cut your normal intervals in half.


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FYI the max rating for a 2016 without the factory towing package is:

2.0-L: 1,500 lbs

2.7-L: 2,000 lbs

3.5-L TiVCT: 2,000 lbs


You only get to 3,500 lbs with the factory towing package and the 2.0 & 3.5 engines.


(Pg 229 of owners manual).

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