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Paint correction on my ‘15 Sport

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Hey all, wife did some paint correction on her Edge and I just finished it/went behind her to get a few spots a little cleaner/smoother. Overall for her first time and my first time I think it came out great. The “before” pics kinda suck because I’m terrible at photos and I didn’t want to get too close because the paint was so bad. Water spots, swirls, scratches, etc. now it’s like glass. Love this tuxedo black, you can see the metal flake so much more after the correction. 

used a TorqX DA, hexlogic 5.5” Orange pad for cutting, white pad for polishing. She used the mequiars ultimate cutting and polishing compound, and it worked good but I noticed there were still swirls left and it didn’t quite look cut enough, so I went behind her with the same pads using meguiars 101 and 201 compound and polishes and man. It made all the difference in the world. It was so easy to do, and I think you’d have to purposefully try to ruin the paint with this combo before it would burn. Took me awhile in my super cramped garage but totally worth it! Finished it off by graphene coating it. 








Not bad but a little dull as you can tell. 











Might be hard to tell in the last two pictures because the sun wasn’t out, but it’s so much better now. Very happy!

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Fantastic job 👏 .

Really nice. 


When can you start on my Platinum White? lol

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If you lived closer I would for sure. I actually really enjoyed it. The end result was so worth it. 

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