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To All Edge Owners


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To all New Edge owners. Notice where the windshield wipers are attached. There are two small plastic caps one on each whindshield wiper that fits over the nut that holds the wiper on. These caps will snap off real easy. Both of mind came off in a car wash. I seen them so I did not lose them. What I did was took just a pinch of super glue and glued them to the nuts. Not enough that they could not be taken off if need so. It you do not do something to attach them they will come up missing.



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I lost one of these caps within a couple days of getting my 08 SE. The cap on the other arm comes off by hand as well.


I think they fixed the problem though because all the caps on dealer lots are securely attached (don't ask how I know).


Your the reason new cars cost so much. Stealing is wrong :angry2:

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