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Rough Idle/Stalling, Hard start after fuel


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Ok, i'll try to condense this the best i can. My car started idleing roughly and surging, then began to rough start after getting fuel. Eventually it started to stall when I idled, and even when im slowing down in heavy traffic. Having to put it in neutral and restart it before hitting someone or being hit is not my idea of fun. Its thrown off so many different codes even though I clear them each time I "fix" something. So far ive replaced the following based on codes and my own research:

Purge valve (sick of those words by now haha)

Evap Cannister

Fuel tank pressure sensor

MAF sensor

Throttle Position sensor (attached to throttle body)

both O2 sensors

All spark plugs

Cleaned all 4 VVT solenoids


AND ITS STILL MESSED UP! My next best guess is a vaccum leak but I wanted to get different opinions here first. 



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So both banks stuck rich (p2196 and P2198)

small evap leak (P0456)

throttle stuck open (P2111)

throttle position doesn't match the TPS position reported (P2135)


I know with my 2012 Fusion there is a relearn/calibration for the ETC (throttle pedal and Throttle Body). With key in ON position but engine not running, slowly steadily press down on the gas pedal until it is fully down, then release it slowly and steadily. I wonder if that might help with the P2111 and P2135.


The purge valve on my 2012 (Fusion, with the 3.5) is totally different, but all the other codes point to it, so if the valve has been replaced multiple times, and possibly tested with vacuum. If you disconnect the wiring connector to it, and the hose to the evap, and start the car, do you feel a vacuum on the opened nipple that goes to the evap? Can you tell if there is raw fuel in the evap line?

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Sorry, I know this thread is over a yr old, but did you ever solve the P0456 mystery?  The wife's 2015 Edge is doing the same things.  I replaced the purge valve and associated tubes and problem went away for about a month, but now has come back to haunt us.  Very had starting after filling up with fuel.  Works fine with funnel in gas fill opening.  Has to be a fuel tank vacuum issue.


I see this thread is from back in March,  but did you find a fix?  Our '15 Edge is doing the same and I replaced the surge valve with tubing kit - worked for a few weeks then P0456 code returned along with hard starting after filling with fuel.  Has to be a fuel tank vacuum issue.  I'm tempted to just leave the plastic funnel in fill opening, permanently!  Works fine with that in place.

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