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Trailer lights coming by them selves?

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Boat trailer lights turn them selves on?
The boat is hooked up and lights are plugged in. I lock the doors, lights blink, all lights go off. 15 minutes later we see the lights on the trailer are on? No lights are on inside or out side my 2020 Edge? Same thing happened at the ramp, when I returned from fishing trailer lights on, nothing on the car? 
Now I am unplugging the trailer lights, when not towing. 
Crazy, any thoughts? Thanks

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Are they LED lights? Is it the factory towing or added on hitch and wiring? Are the lights at full intensity when the car is off, or are the very dim? I have had this issue with LED things and current bleed, where the controller has a tiny bit of current to sense and that is enough to dimly light LEDs. At night they look brighter than you would think, during the day sometimes not even able to tell.

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