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WE Bought a 2022 Edge ST a Berkshire-Hathaway Co.

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We found a used 2022 Agate Black ST with 16K miles. It was from Prosper Ford (a Berkshire Hathaway owned Dealership) Prosper Texas.

285/35 X 22 wheels and tires, a 401A helped knock it out of the park, especially with the "Bait Price". Carfax said minor damage but, I sure can't find it.

They covered a small rock chip on the passengers with the advertising sign that after sale they would not fix.


I just did my 1st. oil change, this week-end. At least one does not get the "Windsor Splash" when changing the filter!

While looking the under-hood area over by the battery, I discovered a Lo jack wired to the battery and it was LIVE!!

I had purchased a OBD2 Bluetooth for Torque Pro but when I pulled it out the OBD2 port came apart with a small wire

running somewhere into the dark of the dash!


I was fixing to ask questions here as I've NEVER had a OBD2 port come apart! I pulled the fuse access cover above driver's left knee.

Low and behold I've now found my 2nd. GPS Tracker! Both were working and phoning HOME!


Beware of Berkshire-Hathaway(BRK) dealerships. The CRAP they try to pile on is B.S. and Zaktek finish they pile on is owned by BRK!

It is possible they are tracking their customers post sale?

DO NOT let them "run the paper work" on a tablet or other electrical device. Make them put it to paper! Stand FIRM and be ready to walk

no matter what! Outlast them and be boisterous and loud. Make sure other customers know that they are trying to screw you as they will

want you out the door! Oh, by the way, pack you lunch as it is worth thousands of dollars out of your pocket.


I started wrenching in dealerships starting 1971.



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Did you lease or buy the Edge?  If bought, did you buy it outright or finance from the dealer?   I have heard of some dealers installing GPS systems in case of default on the payments.  

Are you positive it is Low Jack system?   Usually they are installed at the request of the customer and it is usually hidden so it can’t be found.  That system is used by law enforcement to track stolen vehicles.  

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3d. Party BOA. Used. The dealers now use these devices to track the customers. Only the

GPS markers and cellphone bursts. None were connected to kill the car. The excuse is for

oil-change reminders and a litany of other excuses.


One was Lojack the other was IKON Technologies.  They tried to up me by $5600 over the leader price! 🤣

The Lojack wiring was fresh and the box had no dust it was connected directly to the battery with only the hot and ground.

The IKON was plugged into the OBD2 port with a jumper wire into the dash. None of the extra functions were hooked-up

thus  some of the wires were clipped to the Lojack. I believe the IKON is only powered by the OBD2 port.


I worked in dealerships for years. I've seen many a trick these guys do. Most of them will lie, cheat and even rape their mothers

for a sale. The odds are with them too for the most part! IIRC the average buyer only visits less than 2 dealers for a purchase!

It was WE IN THE BACK that received holy hell because the vehicle did not do what the salesman said.





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When I was signing the paperwork, the paper pusher asked me about insurance and said to tell them the car has Lojack. I thought, cool... I guess. I was looking more closely at the paperwork a few days later and noticed that I payed for Lojack, it wasn't included. I got an email to activate and chose not to because I didn't want to have my speed and location monitored. Hopefully, it isn't active until I jump through the hoops. 

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Fist look at the car battery. A simple red wire attached to the + terminal. (EASY)

Next pull the fuse cover above your left knee. Give a peek to see if there is a device there.

It will be piggy-backed to the OBD2 port. While you are there, take a flashlight and inspect the

OBD2 port for an extra small wire that looks out of place. If you find a small encased wire set coming

from the OBD2 port trace it to a tracker.

Let me know if you need more....



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I bought my Edge last summer and the dealer tried to push this service, which I declined.  There was no discussion of returning to the dealership for installation of a device.  I probably need to check things out.

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