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  1. Recently from Ford: The global semiconductor shortage continues to affect global automakers and other industries in all parts of the world. While we continue to manufacture new vehicles, we’re prioritizing building our customers’ vehicles that were assembled without certain parts due to the industry-wide semiconductor shortage. This is in line with our commitment to get our customers their vehicles as soon as possible and consistent with our forecasted supply. To prioritize these builds, we are changing production plans at some plants in North America. Specifically: Chicago Assembly Plant will be down the weeks of July 5, 12, 19 and 26 and will run two shifts the week of Aug. 2 Dearborn Truck Plant will run two crews the weeks of July 12, 19 and 26 Flat Rock Assembly Plant will be down the weeks of July 12 and 19 Hermosillo Assembly Plant will run one of two shifts the weeks of July 12 and 19 Kansas City Assembly Plant F-150 line will be down the weeks of July 12 and 19, while the KCAP Transit line will be down the week of July 19 Kentucky Truck Plant will be down the week of July 12 and run two shifts the weeks of July 19, 26 and Aug. 2 Louisville Assembly Plant will run on a reduced schedule the week of July 19 Oakville Assembly Complex will produce Nautilus only the weeks of July 19, 26 and Aug. 2 Individual Powertrain and Stamping plants will provide specifics around their operating patterns as they are confirmed. Separately, Michigan Assembly Plant will be down the weeks of July 5 and 26 due to an unrelated part shortage. Our teams continue making the most of our available semiconductor allocation, finding unique solutions to provide as many high-quality vehicles as possible to our dealers and customers. Thank you for your continued commitment to build high-quality vehicles for our customers and dealers and for your flexibility. Stay safe! #BuiltFordProud John
  2. JoeVic

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1997 Ford Crown Vic 2004 Ford Crown Vic 2015 Ford Edge SEL 2019 Ford Edge ST Switched over from MOPAR in 1997. My parents did have a 1972 Ford Pinto 😧 that I remember riding in when I was little.
  3. JoeVic

    Gap between hood and lights 2020

    I had the same exact issue on the driver side with my 2015 SEL. I didn't notice it right away until someone else pointed it out to me. Looked like a bad stamping. Took it back to the dealer and they said they were trying to adjust the headlamp assembly to fill the gap. A headlamp assembly that clicks in only one way. I was not a happy camper. They did get approval from Ford to replace the hood. The entire episode did not leave a good taste in my mouth.
  4. JoeVic

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    So the little drawer was just a remove & replace with your older one? I was trying to eye up my 19 ST with the 15 SEL drawer but I couldn't tell if it was a direct fit.
  5. JoeVic

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    Until the lug nut is deformed by an impact wrench. Then you will need 22 mm. 😀
  6. JoeVic

    Engine cover for 2020 Edge Titanium 2.0L ??

    The lack of the lower left change/storage cubby got me on my '19 ST 😦
  7. I always go Motorcraft OEM. Rear wiper blade also. Best prices usually from Amazon. Sometimes the dealer. Never got OEM from a chain auto store.
  8. JoeVic

    Key Duplicate

    I have purchased two FOBS from this place for my SEL & ST. Extremely good prices. I was able to program with two factory keys, but they list local locksmith companies that they use to program. Not sure what the price is, but it has to be cheaper than a dealer. https://www.carandtruckremotes.com/
  9. With 41,000 miles on the tires now, there was the slightest excess wear on the outer edges of the tires that were most recently on front. But that would make it slightly positive camber or toe in/out issue. The tires have been rotated numerous times and the slight pull is always to the left, so I doubt that it is the tires. I have learned to live with it. I was never able to verify that they installed any special bolts. Honestly, I think they were just trying to placate me.
  10. Well what do you know, my 19 ST has been sitting in the garage for a few days, vehicle WiFi enabled but the car has been off. Started it yesterday and the screen was different, checked the update and it is now 3.4
  11. That's interesting. I have auto updates on wifi enabled, but I never saw any active connection or updating going on.
  12. JoeVic

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Anyone with an ST update to 3.4? Does the screen still show the "ST" logo during start up?
  13. JoeVic

    Ford ESP warranty

    I would get one. This dealer was recommended to me on here and it has some of the best prices that I could find: https://www.floodfordesp.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInunQutKb6wIVxJJbCh0vOA6MEAAYASAAEgJOEPD_BwE
  14. I used to have numerous flat car keys on a ring, which were no problem in a pocket. Now I have the large FOB, in addition to house keys on a ring that I have to carry. In the summer my cargo shorts have a small pocket that it fits perfect in. In the winter it goes in a jacket. It is when I am wearing jeans that I have a problem. I have a similar carabiner that I hooked to a belt loop, but it kept getting caught on things. So for now I only carry one FOB at a time and just deal with it in a pocket.
  15. JoeVic

    Water-Resistant Seat Covers

    Do these seat covers cover the side airbag?