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  1. JoeVic

    Key Duplicate

    I have purchased two FOBS from this place for my SEL & ST. Extremely good prices. I was able to program with two factory keys, but they list local locksmith companies that they use to program. Not sure what the price is, but it has to be cheaper than a dealer. https://www.carandtruckremotes.com/
  2. With 41,000 miles on the tires now, there was the slightest excess wear on the outer edges of the tires that were most recently on front. But that would make it slightly positive camber or toe in/out issue. The tires have been rotated numerous times and the slight pull is always to the left, so I doubt that it is the tires. I have learned to live with it. I was never able to verify that they installed any special bolts. Honestly, I think they were just trying to placate me.
  3. Well what do you know, my 19 ST has been sitting in the garage for a few days, vehicle WiFi enabled but the car has been off. Started it yesterday and the screen was different, checked the update and it is now 3.4
  4. That's interesting. I have auto updates on wifi enabled, but I never saw any active connection or updating going on.
  5. JoeVic

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Anyone with an ST update to 3.4? Does the screen still show the "ST" logo during start up?
  6. JoeVic

    Ford ESP warranty

    I would get one. This dealer was recommended to me on here and it has some of the best prices that I could find: https://www.floodfordesp.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInunQutKb6wIVxJJbCh0vOA6MEAAYASAAEgJOEPD_BwE
  7. I used to have numerous flat car keys on a ring, which were no problem in a pocket. Now I have the large FOB, in addition to house keys on a ring that I have to carry. In the summer my cargo shorts have a small pocket that it fits perfect in. In the winter it goes in a jacket. It is when I am wearing jeans that I have a problem. I have a similar carabiner that I hooked to a belt loop, but it kept getting caught on things. So for now I only carry one FOB at a time and just deal with it in a pocket.
  8. JoeVic

    Water-Resistant Seat Covers

    Do these seat covers cover the side airbag?
  9. JoeVic

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    txaggie, So the front ones went on without any modification to the guard. Correct?
  10. JoeVic

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    Unfortunately it seems like Ford is continuing to cut corners $25 to $75 at a time. Those small things like the instrument panel hidden drawer, under-hood insulation, dual compartment center console, etc. that folks have gotten accustomed to, get chopped by Ford. And while they are minor issues, they are things I have gotten used to using and would miss.
  11. The same reason why my 2004 Crown Vic had a single double sided metal key and my 2019 Edge has a multi function key FOB. It's called advanced technology.
  12. Are you using Forscan as the dashboard on the Kindle Fire? If so can you change the settings to show Fahrenheit and also PSI versus the metric equivalent ?
  13. i just ordered one yesterday from Amazon. The ScanTool.net sight is still showing none available.
  14. https://myaccount.carandtruckremotes.com/cyc/search/searchv1.php?searchyear=2018&searchmake=Ford&searchmodel=Edge I have gotten two remotes from this sight. One for an SEL and one for an ST. Programmed both following the owners manual. Have had absolutely no issues at all. Not sure who you used or how much you paid, but the listed products were well worth it.
  15. JoeVic

    2018 EDGE 3.5 AWD

    Did all of the attaching hardware come with it and was it just a direct snap in procedure ? And do you have the part number handy ?