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  1. JoeVic

    2024 Edge Center Console tray/organizer

    If you are talking about the tray that drops into the center console (not hinged) it looks like the part number is EM2Z-5804567-BA . I am seeing it priced at $79.61 from Ford Parts and $83.22 at Lakeland Ford.
  2. JoeVic

    2024 Edge Center Console tray/organizer

    Gotta agree with edjunior. Nice add ons, but removing the EDGE makes it look like the vehicle was damaged and it was not replaced. But it is your vehicle to do as you please.
  3. That is how I did it. 2 fasteners and then two clips. Easy as could be. i bought the dual horn assembly already on the bracket for about $50. Plug and play. Part # FA1Z-13832-A There are some YouTube videos that show the entire easy process.
  4. JoeVic

    Thinking about a 2024 ST

    What do you recommended to avoid valve carbon build up?
  5. JoeVic

    Thinking about a 2024 ST

    I have a 19 ST. I am more concerned with the carbon build up on the valves due to the Direct Injection than the wet belt drive oil pump. Nick Halstead is correct the 2.7 in the Edge is not the 2nd Gen with dual injection.
  6. JoeVic

    Has anyone used Dorman lug nuts?

    I ended up getting McGard solid lugnuts. They had better reviews for rust resistance. Only thing is they are 22mm, so I had to put a 22mm socket in with a breaker bar. The OEM jack handle won't work now. They have been on almost a year with no issues.
  7. JoeVic

    How should I hide this rust?

    Damn. Thats some pretty bad rust. What area of the country was that driven in?
  8. JoeVic

    Rear brakes squeal

    I had the same sort of issue but with a 2004 Crown Vic. It had the same parking brake in a hat assembly with little brake shoes as your Edge. It would lock up in reverse only. Turns out one of the linings separated from the metal shoe from rust and luckily it only caught when in reverse. Working in that confined area between the hub and backing plate was not fun. Glad I had worked on ancient drum brakes decades ago, so i knew how they worked. You are probably going to have to open everything up.
  9. I am not a rocket scientist or automotive engineer, but even I figured he meant passenger seat. 😉
  10. JoeVic

    Alternative Jack or Lift Points on 2017 Edge

    Wow, that is some rust. I have been meaning to order one of the "Hockey Pucks" online to use on the pinch weld. I always questioned that philosophy to use the weld. It didn't appear to spread the lifting forces out very far. I am used to a good flat frame position. Always wondered if the pinch weld could bend and there it is.
  11. JoeVic

    2023 Weathertech Floorliners

    i seriously doubt the floor dimensions changed from MY 22 to 23. I would think you can safely buy your floor liners.
  12. Haz using this method I assume does not reset the battery "days in service". I have used Forscan Lite to reset the Battery Minder when a new battery was installed and it reset the days in-service to zero. A paragraph in a 2019 service manual says that it is important to reset, when a new battery is installed, so all of the charging algorithms know it is a new battery and not one that has been in-service. Are these two different types of resets ?
  13. I use FORScan Lite to monitor the exact ECT. Engine Coolant Temperature. Also Transmission Fluid Temp. It is a pain to reconnect the phone and app every time I start the engine though. I have seen the actual temp displayed in a 2022 Ford Bronco. Along with actual voltage. Would like to see that in my Edge.
  14. JoeVic

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    http://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricants-qa.com/quickref/coolantsEN.pdf Motorcraft's latest coolants and applications
  15. JoeVic

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    I have a 2019 also with a 7-31-2019 build date. I had an addendum in the owners manual regarding the upgraded coolant.