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  1. JoeVic

    Water-Resistant Seat Covers

    Do these seat covers cover the side airbag?
  2. JoeVic

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    txaggie, So the front ones went on without any modification to the guard. Correct?
  3. JoeVic

    2020 Ford Edge ST

    Unfortunately it seems like Ford is continuing to cut corners $25 to $75 at a time. Those small things like the instrument panel hidden drawer, under-hood insulation, dual compartment center console, etc. that folks have gotten accustomed to, get chopped by Ford. And while they are minor issues, they are things I have gotten used to using and would miss.
  4. The same reason why my 2004 Crown Vic had a single double sided metal key and my 2019 Edge has a multi function key FOB. It's called advanced technology.
  5. Are you using Forscan as the dashboard on the Kindle Fire? If so can you change the settings to show Fahrenheit and also PSI versus the metric equivalent ?
  6. i just ordered one yesterday from Amazon. The ScanTool.net sight is still showing none available.
  7. https://myaccount.carandtruckremotes.com/cyc/search/searchv1.php?searchyear=2018&searchmake=Ford&searchmodel=Edge I have gotten two remotes from this sight. One for an SEL and one for an ST. Programmed both following the owners manual. Have had absolutely no issues at all. Not sure who you used or how much you paid, but the listed products were well worth it.
  8. JoeVic

    2018 EDGE 3.5 AWD

    Did all of the attaching hardware come with it and was it just a direct snap in procedure ? And do you have the part number handy ?
  9. JoeVic

    Seats heating

    I find they get hot also, but i usually turn them off after they take off the chill.
  10. I did mine a couple weeks ago. The "B" part made in the USA has two FIAMM AM80SX horns. One marked "H"igh and the other "L"ow. I was able to look up the specs on the FIAMM sight. Do you know what the markings are on the "A" part (Level 3) ?
  11. That's what I thought. The original battery on my 2015 SEL died a few weeks shy of 3 years. Just under the wire to get it covered by the warranty.
  12. It seems the problem is the Service Department's shortcut. I have changed the oil on my 2015 3.5 SEL and have dropped the entire splash shield. I believe it is about 6 bolts and a plastic clip or two. It does add a few more minutes to remove and replace the shield, but I do it properly. I did notice that at least one of the bolts no longer has a tight fit inside the plastic grommet (probably why your guy just used a larger bolt), but since I didn't bend mine down it stays in place. Did you ever get a reply from Ford?
  13. I assume it is like the rear window defroster. It runs for a predetermined amount of time and then it shuts off. If you still need defrost, you manually turn it on for another cycle. When mine came on with the recent cold, I had to manually turn it off sooner than its cycle because I thought the steering wheel was getting too hot. There was a thread on here explaining how to change the heat settings with ForScan and one of the statements was about how the higher the set temperature the quicker the heating element would burn out. I don't think it is meant to run continuously, but someone with better knowledge may be along soon.
  14. JoeVic

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Some things you can actually see, such as the battery. It is obviously a larger capacity battery. But the starter, starter solenoid, alternator/generator not so sure. And I am sure Ford doesn't want to be replacing starters at an astronomical rate on vehicles with auto start/stop, but I still think there has to be more overall wear on a starter that may activate 25-30 times a day as compared to twice a day. Maybe it is because of my age and experience with older cars. You knew that starter or alternator had a certain lifespan and that was it. Come to think of it, I haven't replaced a starter since an '85 Dodge Diplomat.
  15. Any update to this? First time I will have to take care of leather seats and I am wondering what everyone uses.