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  1. Yes, they are hard to see in bright sunlight though.
  2. JoeVic

    Hood Insulation Pad

    No issues with my 2015 SEL. Just got a 2019 ST and found there is no hood insulation pad! Did they do away with it or is it just not installed on the cold weather package?
  3. Check out page 69 in the following manual: http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2016-Edge-Owners-Manual-version-1_om_EN-US_10_2015.pdf You need both of your present FOBs to program a third and fourth. Limit is four.
  4. What is recommended for mileage between fluid services ?
  5. How do you do this? By pushing the interior door mounted lock button before closing the door ?
  6. JoeVic

    4 Wheel Alignment

    I am having the same issue with my 2015 SEL AWD. It has pulled slightly to the left since day one. It has been aligned by the dealership three times, with each time them feeding me a line of crap. I did get the print outs from them and while the specs were in the green, some were at extremes. The last time I drove the tech and showed him the pull. They ordered and installed a camber kit, but told me the tech didn't think anything was wrong. I had to ask, why they installed the kit then? The final time the manager said everything was in the green and there was nothing more they could do. After complaining to the dept head, I was told to take it to another dealer or to an outside vendor that "they" use. I told them that one of the reasons I bought the vehicle there was because it was very convenient to my home. So now I have to do the legwork to go somewhere else.
  7. JoeVic

    Storage underneath?

    I believe the foam pieces are attached with Velcro, so they could possibly be removed. On a similar note, there is a plastic J hook on a short strap snapped underneath the cargo floor. I assume this holds the floor up when accessing the compartment or spare tire. Where does that hook onto? Only place that it reached was the top hatch lip area over the weatherstripping and it just didn't seem that secure.
  8. They swapped front tires left to right for me but it still pulls to the left. The tech said it should be good because all of the specs are in the green, but he was ordering "special bolts" to get more of a camber adjustment. Now the bolts are in, but while I was scheduling an appointment with the advisor he told me the tech doesn't think there is anything wrong with the alignment. I told him how we just made a trip to the shore and back and how on the freeways I had to keep a constant slight right pressure to avoid drifting left and maybe he should drive the car for a couple days. Now I am leery of what this appointment next week will even accomplish. This is my 2nd brand new Ford out of 3 previously owned Fords and the ordeal is really leaving a bad impression.
  9. Still having a slight pull to the left after two visits to the dealer. The advisor says all specs are in the green, attached is the printout. I don't think they tried to even the cross camber measurements. Does anything jump out to anyone on the printout that would cause the pull?
  10. Like Candurin said, change the batteries. You don't know how old or weak those batteries are.
  11. LOL. That's what I am worrying about.
  12. I actually have half of this problem. Didn't notice it at first, but the driver's side of my hood would shake and bounce up and down. But after looking at it closely, there is a noticeable gap between the hood and top of the headlamp assembly, only on the driver's side. The passenger side sits flush, tight and rock solid. The dealer bodyshop looked at it and agreed (probably a bad stamping) and they will need it for a few days. Now I am concerned as to how it will be fixed, body work? I doubt a new hood ? I wish I would have noticed it sooner, it is very subtle. When I looked closely at photos I took the weekend after it was bought, you can see the gap, but only if you are looking for it.
  13. I know the body was totally redesigned for 2015, wasn't sure about the chassis though. Not getting a good feeling, called the advisor and was told to bring it back next week, but he wasn't sure what more they could do. I would hope they would start over with 2015 alignment specs. Also trying to explain how the steering wheel returned differently form one direction to the other when you let go of the wheel, he stated "don't let go of the wheel.
  14. Does anyone know if the alignment specs changed for 2015? I am having a slight track to the left also. After the dealer aligned it, it doesn't trac left as much, but the steering doesn't seem neutral. From a right turn, the steering wheel returns to just past center (slightly to left) much quicker. From a left turn the wheel barely makes it back to center and with much less 'gusto'. The dealer said his alignment machine didn't have 2015 specs loaded in it, so they aligned it with 2014 specs and said the toe needed adjustment.
  15. JoeVic

    Servicing 2015 Edge SEL

    A little late, but I just changed the oil on my 2015 SEL 3.5. I was surprised to find the shield. There was a cutout near the drain bolt with a metallic backing, but it looked like it would make a mess, so I just dropped the shield. Five torx head and one retaining clip. Added a few minutes, but at least the filter was convenient.