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2022 Edge ST-line Front radar sensor


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I just purchased a 2022 Edge ST-line still under factory warranty. When activating the cruise I get the "Pre-collision Assist not available Sensor Blocked" error. I brought it into the dealer and they found the sensor bracket broken, so the sensor is just hanging there causing the problem. Obviously not covered under warranty, but there ridiculous estimate was $2200 for the labor and parts. They included the sensor, even though it may not be bad. They do this since the labor is too high to replace just the bracket and reassemble or they are trying to rip me off. I found the parts on line, but there seems to be 2 sensors (FK7Z-9E731-AF & JX7Z-9E731-E)  and 2 brackets (FT4Z-14C022-B & KT4Z-14C022-AA) listed to fit depending on if the vehicle has "auto brake". Does anyone know if equipment group 250A includes the auto brake feature? On window sticker, 250A includes: FORD CO-PILOT360 ASSIST.ADAPT CRUISE W/S&G & LANE CTR

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Welcome to the Forum, @SV101!


Presumably, your dealer found evidence on the bumper cover and/or the Cruise Control Module (CCM) that the bracket breakage and ruined CCM was the result of a collision of some sort.


Electronic modules that have been physically dropped are always to be replaced, so if the CCM suffered an impact sufficient to fracture its mounting bracket, then the CCM must be replaced. 


You are not being "ripped off".


The following images describe the auto-braking feature your Edge's optional Co-Pilot 360 package provides...






You may want to explore submitting a claim to have the repair cost paid under the collision coverage of your auto insurance.


Good luck!


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10 hours ago, edjunior said:

I don't understand.  If it's still under factory warranty, it should be all covered under that warranty.  Am I missing something here?

Ford dealer says something was hit to break it so not covered under warranty. No visible damage from the front and the dealer I bought it from says they won't cover it since it may have been damaged after delivery. When I first noticed the problem, they said take it to Ford since it should b under warranty.

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What the dealer is saying is BS.  I added the radar to my 2019.  The sensor is right behind the shield part of the lower grill.  I cannot imagine any way that the bracket could be broken without damage to the lower grill shield.  It is much more likely that the lower grill was replaced after an impact that also broke the bracket.   Look at the area around the lower grill to see if there is any damage.  I could see a scenario where the whole front bumper was replaced by a dealer.  They did not want to spend an extra two grand on the radar.  The dealer would be forced to use all new Ford parts.  Did you see a Carfax by any chance?  I bet it was in an accident.

I would raise holy hell with the dealer.  They have to do a full inspection in order to offer a Ford extended warranty.  Did they give you an inspection report?  They need to disclose that the fact that the car was not up to spec.

I am 99% sure that you have the cheaper of the two brackets. (22AA).  You can buy a new sensor on ebay for a couple of hundred bucks.  There is a chance that the sensor is still working.  However, for $200 I would replace it.  Removing the bumper is actually pretty easy.  The whole job can be done in a couple of hours.

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Thanks for all the details and workshop guides. I have determined that I need the part numbers that include auto brake. I am negotiating with the sales manager to pay for the parts so I can do the repair. They obviously did not test the adaptive cruise during pre-delivery inspection. The car had a clean Carfax and there is no evidence of a crash or bumper being replaced, so my guess is the previous owner may have pulled in too close and hit a wall or pillar in a parking garage, possibly hitting the front plate area. There are some who have found minor impacts have broken the bracket.

9 hours ago, Haz said:


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