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my wifes new toy


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first off.. that is an awesome thread title ;)


second, nice ground effects kit. looks sharp.


now, just put some 20% tint on those front windows to tie it all together.


last, I like those hood bug shields more and more I see them. not sure if I would ever get one, but it has appeal to me in a way. (do not believe they do a damn thing though)

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i would love to tint the front windows but wife said no :angry2:

she drives alot at night and complains she can't see.

check out the seats, are these common seats in the edge i have never seen seats like these in the edge but ive only driven a few


you know, I do not remember what it was called, but there was another seat/interior option available at the time of Edge purchase.. but what you have is not that as I think the Edge ones had different color piping and did not have "Edge" stitched in. IIRC, another guy here had custom seats stitched up on the original seat frames with high quality leather and "Edge" stitched in also... I suspect you have something similar here, something custom. As for the DVD players, those are very common, tons of those floating around both stock and after-market.


Someone tell me where I can get those rims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they look like just another 'chrome clad' offering... and we all know what happens in time with the chrome clads :(

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