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Picked Up My New Edge


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Just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that I picked up my new '10 Edge yesterday and it is unbelievable!!


You're turning out a beautiful product there in Oakville and your dedication is appreciated.


Thanks so much for this guys...with this being my 2nd Edge, don't think you will get me away from this model in the future. The modifications since the 2007 model are phenomenal and the little things are really noticeable. It's a quieter ride too!!!


Be proud of what you built because it matters!!! My husband is from the Talbotville plant so we wish you guys nothing but prosperity and job security in the future!!!

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CONGRATS! Are you buying or leasing? I am picking up the '10 tonight. Do you think I will be happy with it??? (FWD, White, Nav, etc.) Very excited.


Congrats, I have only had my 09 a little over a month and really like it. I think you will really like yours! post some pics once you get a chance. Are you buying or leasing?

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'07 and '10 models are exactly the same. I think the "quieter" ride is due to the new tires. You should have waited for the re-designed 2011 model with the ecoboost V6.


"Exactly" the same...NO

Chances are the 2011 model will bring about new issues associated with the new model while with the 2010 Ford has had 3 previous model years and has hopefully ironed out all the the Edges flaws

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If the new EcoBoost is $2,600 more (like the MKT), I'll pass. 30 years ago, I might have thought I needed more Horse Power, but now I want fuel economy and lower cost of onership.


If they had the option for a 4 cyl. EB at the same price as the V-6 (w/o EB). I would take it.

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