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Heated Seats


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I love my new Edge but I am not impressed with the heated seats. They do not get nice and toasty like other cars I have owned in the past. Anyone else feel the same way?


Either yours are defective or mine are. Mine get so hot they make me sweat in less than 2 minutes when I have them on full power. I would have yours checked.


My only gripe about them is the control location. It is very VERY hard for me not to turn on my passenger heated seat on hot days when my wife is not looking :hysterical: . I can't resist the impulse but then of course, she pranks me back often as well. The design on the Explorer prohibited this sophmoric behavior.

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I agree with DJ, I have to turn my seats heat down to the lower seating within 5 minutes or I'll start to roast my rump. :P

Have them checked out, or do a quick compare with another edge.

Perhaps a quick stop in at the dealer showroom will save time waiting in service.

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We noticed on our test drive they were not overly warm either compared to others and took a bit to get going.


Not really a concern though. I find the high on my GM to hot to be usefull anyways and would actually prefer a lower high setting.


If one seat is definately cooler then I'd suspect a problem.

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