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Dune Pearl SEL Plus AWD


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Just wanted to share a few pics of my "baby". I live in a very rural area and have to travel dusty gravel roads...color is wonderful for hiding road dust! Only add-ons are front mud flaps and bug shield, both a must in my area. Only have 700 miles on it, but looking to add more this weekend, heading to Colorful Colorado! :shades:post-673-1177557921_thumb.jpgpost-673-1177557892_thumb.jpg

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Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Colorado. Put about 1700 miles on it. Averaged around 21mpg overall. Probably averaged about 70 mph for most of the trip. Never lacked for power, but did not do any mountain driving, all in the plains. I just loved the ride, took 13-1/2 hrs to get to our destination, but my body felt like it was only 3!!:party2: I took three teenagers, 3 DVD players, two xbox's and one IPod! Was wonderful!!!!


Thanks everyone for the compliments! Hope everyone out there's enjoying theirs as much as we are ours! Have a great week and Live Life on the Edge! ( It's a great place to be!)

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Very sharp color, have not seen that one yet.


Welcome MNedge, I live in the cities myself, haven't been to Morris since about 1992 (my sister went to school out there...)


The Edge is a lot of fun to drive in our climate, you'll soon find out!


We are gone all summer, so the Edge will be spending about 3 months in the garage. Believe me, the minute I get home I'll be out on the road getting re-acquainted with her! I'll be driving either an older Ford F-350 pulling a camper or the Dodge Mega Cab pulling a camper, either way, I'll be more than ready to be driving my zippy little Edge again!

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