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2008 SEL windshield fluid nozzles


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Enjoying the 2008 SEL - no complaints. I tried to clean my windshield yesterday and the driver side windshield sprayer nozzle (on hood) just dribbles and the passenger side quit spraying completely....? Any suggestions where I should start trouble shooting would be appreciated - thanks!

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wire in the nozzle outlet would be my 1st try to make sure it is not clogged



I removed the under-hood heat shield and found the passenger side pray nozzle had cracked off where it connects to the fluid hose and was just hanging....hence the fluid was just pumping out under the hood. The Edge is under warranty so Ford replaced it at no cost. Not sure what caused it to crack in the first place,,,

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[My 08 did the same thing. I figured mine were plugged up too but found out differently. The problem is the nozzles get brittle and break off where the hose connects. It's from the extreme heat in the summer sun, when you remove the hood insulation you'll find it soaked with washer fluid from the broken off line. Dealer said they sell a lot of them ($4.50 each) I bought a couple extra. GM and Chrysler have the same issues with their hood mounted nozzles.

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