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How to reset 'oil minder'?


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I'm sorry, maybe I've got an abridged version of the owner's manual, but I can't find any instructions on how to reset the oil life monitor. Could you please attach the instructions here? Thanks.


Well that's strange - it ISN'T in the owners manual after all. No mention of it whatsoever. Either it's an oversight or it's something only the dealer can change. Follow the instructions for checking message center status and see if it pops up.


Now that I think about it, I've never seen an oil life warning on my 08 Limited either. Maybe it's just not there. Are you sure the dealer reset it?

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In reading the manual, it does say for you to remember to reset oil life indicator when changing oil. SO unless that is stated in error or incompletely (needs to be done by dealer) then it should be there. In several places (Control F) it further states to see instrument cluster section. In the Instrument cluster section I do not see clear notes, but it refers to reset functionality. Will have to look next time in the car.

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I'm assuming that the dealer did it because it said so on the work order. I guess I could ask the dealer...maybe it's a trade secret? lol

This probably does not help you much, as I have an 11 model, but may for those reading this thread. I have an 11 model with the left and right 4 inch screens to each side of the speedometer. With mine it is done by arrowing left to the menu on the left side, then arrow dow to settings, choose Vehicle, then arrow to oil minder reset. at that point I have the option to reset it to 100%, 80% and so on. So unless they just added the ability for consumer to reset, you must have the option to do that somehow. Sorry I can't speak for the 10 model. BTW, Renting several 2010 models traveling, was the reason i choose to buy the Edge.

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I followed your directions and found Vehicle settings.

If you drill down another couple of levels you'll find Oil Change Minder, which can be reset to various levels of usage...100%, 80%, etc.

Choose one and hold down the OK button while it resets. You'll see the progress below.

When it's finished, it will indicate so.

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