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Autoblog Review Of the 2011 Edge


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Here is Autoblogs Review of the edge. :yup:


My link


The Ford Edge has transformed from an attractive crossover with a passable cabin to an even better looking crossover with more power, improved fuel economy and a truly state-of-the-art interior experience. Normally, that's the type of report card an automaker hopes for when executing a full redesign at the end of a model's life cycle, and Ford has somehow managed to achieve similar results with just a mid-cycle refresh. If the brand continues on this pace, customers will begin expecting every new product wearing a Blue Oval badge to surprise and delight. While not the easiest play to pull off, it's the best way to build a cheering section.

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Ford Edge observed fuel economy of 16.9 on a model that's supposed to get 19/27 is pretty low, but typical of truck-like vehicles. Only, this vehicle touts its good fuel economy as an eco-friendly alternative to bigger, body-on-frame SUV's. I realize MT was probably going a little heavy on the throttle while testing, but this is just too low to justify moving away from the far more capable and comfortable Expedition/Tahoe choices. Unfortunately, this scenario is not just limited to the Edge, we see this with nearly every vehicle. When it comes to crossovers, I guess you should just find a vehicle's city fuel economy and plan on getting that for most of your daily driving- too bad because 25-ish in this vehicle sounds really good!
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