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ordering 2011 sport on sat


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Hi all, I can't decide if I should get AWD vs FWD. The car will be used for light so cal commuting, no off roading...What do you guys think? Does the AWD handle that much better and does it add more road noise? Going with white plat, vista roof, drivers entry and nav... also, any input regarding lease vs purchase would be welcomed...thx, Greg

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AWD is for traction, and for traction alone. Doesn't help the handling unless you're making sudden, quick maneuvers while on the throttle (very rare, usually you would let of the throttle and/or brake in an emergency situation). If you don't get lots of snow and never go off-road, there is no reason for the more expensive, less fuel efficient AWD. The FWD will actually be slightly quicker with less weight, as well as more fuel efficient.


Just my $.02


Good luck with your decision


BTW, I have a white platinum sport on the way...should be here next week. Nice choice! :rockon:

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I also have one coming next week.........white platinum. I opted for no panoramic roof. Wind buffering when roof is open sucks. Opening back window a touch does not help at all. Also opted out of blind spot monitor. The yellow light that comes on at night is annoying. Seeing is beleiving....that why I wanted the blind spot mirrors (standard). I agree with previous comment. You don't need AWD where you are. 18" Tires will have a softer smoother ride. If you opt for the 20's.....they look better but are not as smooth as the 18's. Just my comments as well.

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I’m also ordering a new Edge on Sat.

I went with the AWD package because we do get a little snow were I live (southern Ontario, Canada) and my job requires me to report for duty regardless of weather / road conditions. I have been driving an AWD ’02 Durango R/T till this point and found that the AWD also helps with traction in wet weather when you want to “punch it” off the lights.

I’ll be getting a Limited, Earth tone (brown metallic) with no sunroof and no blind spot system for the same reasons as mentioned in this thread. I am opting for the 20” wheels however.

It will be a lease for business use… cough, cough!!

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Unless you get some snow stick with FWD. We went AWD because we get quite a bit but otherwise I'd save the money and a bit of mileage and weight. Leasing on these vehicles is pretty poor at the moment so we bought but programs change so who knows. Either way, this is one heck of a ride.


In terms of wind buffeting, it's bad with all the windows up but I found if you crack both back windows an inch or so it goes away. (But it has to be both, not just 1 side)

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