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2011 Ford Edge Recall


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I tried to call, wasn't listed as an option, and their website is jacked, won't let me add our new vehicle... nice eh? Anyone know which build days this recall applies to?



I called my dealer this morning as I am suppoed to pick up my new edge this afternoon (YAH ME!!) to check if my Edge was part of the recall. He told me after some research, it appears that 71 edges made during the period of October 25th through the first week of Nov (I can't remember the exact date in Nov) are affected by the recall.


Hope this helps.

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I just called the 877 number and spoke to an agent in the recall center...mine is being recalled :(


What exactly is this piece and where is it located? Do they need to disassemble a lot to get to it?


I called my dealer to try and schedule an appointment (as per the suggestion of the Ford agent I spoke to) and my service manager knows nothing about it..surprise surprise...


I see the article mentions that the recall only starts Jan. 10th, should I be getting a call about this then or do I need to push my dealer to look into this? Should they have been advised yet?



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