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Pickup new Edge Saturday-what inspection needed


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Check the paint and make sure the vehicle has all the options you ordered. You can read the owner's manual online and get a copy of your window sticker now if you wish.


The information and document signings will come at you so fast that you may want to have your questions prepared beforehand. Take the cell phome(s) that you want paired if you want help doing that.



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Check the oil, LOL some of us were a quart low. Make sure your salesperson runs through all the MFT functionality if you got the MFT system. If you have driver entry, have them show you all the functions of the smart key, and test them. Above all, make sure you have enough time to sign your papers and ask questions. Make them spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable in your new car. And congratulations too!

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"Three days to go"


I'm picking my 2011 Limited FWD this Saturday (Feb. 12) and can't wait. I have been counting down each day from my order date (Dec. 4) and have been waiting ever since (it actually arrived at the dealership three weeks ago, but I wanted to get past the final weeks of my expiring lease so as not to double up on monthly payments).


My family and I had a chance to sit in the vehicle for about 15 - 20 minutes 10 days ago, just to start it (not drive - our choice), listen, admire, and generally torture myself (knowing the wait continued). The dealer was and has been extremely accommodating.


General thoughts: Lift gate worked well, the Touch system for very basic functionality worked well, and plenty of space throughout, even for a family that brutally overpacks for overnight stays and road trips. :wacko:


This thread has been most helpful as it will allow me to focus "soberly" on what I need to focus on during the delivery appointment (e.g. basic inspection and the requisite paperwork) as opposed to letting excitement take over (which admittedly occurred 10 days ago). Of course, this Forum overall has been tremendously helpful in exchanging information and I really appreciate those who went above and beyond to respond to my questions and requests.


Will update once the deed is done.


But, closing thoughts for now: I never imagined at the beginning of this long process that I would be buying a Ford. I even remember laughing at or questioning Gretzky's Edge commercials from prior years. I am laughing no more: Ford has come a long way (or at least my perception has) and I am absolutely thrilled about joining the Edge cult.

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In the interest of helping out future buyers of Edges I will share the 3 defects that were found with my vehicle when I bought it. Because we have been discovering them in a successive fashion I am still waiting on the dealer to correct the 3rd one but I expect to get a call on that any day. So that said, here are my recommendations:


1) If your vehicle has the power fold down rear seats I would highly suggest you cycle both of those down and up a couple of times. My right rear seat would not latch in the upright position at all, that was discovered by the dealership guys when they were preping the car for delivery. Took 2 visits to correct.


2) After getting said rear seat fixed, the first time someone went to sit in that position for a ride it was discovered the seatbelt in that position would not latch. Another 2 visits to correct. So I would recommend clicking all seatbelts to make sure they work before leaving.


3) Also on the right hand side of the car, we noticed that the one door's ambient lighting was off on several colors that we selected. The rest of the car would be doing green, that door was lit red. Etc. 2 visits and still not fixed so I'm assuming it will take a total of 3 to correct. So you might want to crank up the lighting to full and cycle through all the colors while taking a look around. It sound silly, but if they are going to put the option in there and charge you cash for it, I figured it should work correctly.


All that said, I love my Edge and am very pleased. And I suspect if I had noticed all 3 of my issues on delivery day they would already be taken care of. It's just a little frustrating to have to schedule for so many trips back.

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