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Exhaust smoke or steam?

Edgar Edgeworthy

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My 2011 LTD is releasing smoke (and/or steam) from the exhausts in temperatures of about 50-60 degrees. Is this normal?


Some steam and dripping is definitely normal especially after it's first started. If it does it constantly and in low humidity then you might need to get it checked out.

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In cooler weather condensation will collect on the inside of the exhaust, as the exhaust heats after the engine is started, the condensation will drip out of the exhaust tip or turn into a vapor making your exhaust fumes visible.


What he said!!!


Perfectly normal, when the temperature and humidity are just right you will get visible vapor and condensate with dripping. Every car I have owned has done this! When the exhaust warms up the vapor may or may not be visible but the dripping will stop.

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