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    Mirror tilt with reverse?

    I think the solution I remember most folks using is the #3 memory for the reverse mirror position.
  2. ebank

    2022 Ford Edge ST line

    Blue St's are the best! 😏
  3. ebank

    Hello from sunny Florida

    Howdy Neighbor!
  4. First thing I would check is the battery, not the voltage, get an accurate CCA test. Replace the battery if it is lower than rated CCA.
  5. Yep, no way to turn that off in the settings menu!
  6. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/118709-volume-of-speed-tolerance-chime/
  7. Have you tried to adjust the volume with the audio volume knob while the chime is going off? The only way I found to adjust the navigation voice prompts is while the voice is active. So, um ya, I am not advocating that you go over speed limit and try adjusting the volume with the audio knob, but there it is. 🙃 I don't think we have that speed limit alert in the States.
  8. It looks to me like the 2016 and 2017 2.7l Sport did not have an option for a towing package so the only option is aftermarket. When means no upgraded radiator or oil cooler. Maybe that could be the reason for the lower towing capacity. A normally aspirated engine like the 3.5L produces less heat at sustained higher horsepower delivery then a forced induction (turbo) 2.7l engine. They used to say: There is no replacement for cubic inch displacement
  9. When I had my 2011, a number times when the remote start would not work, I tried using the remote start while sitting in the car. This cleared up the remote start and no key found problems for me
  10. 1. No, it can be anywhere in the car. Start with checking the battery in the remote. 2. The proper sequence is lock-start-start, lock once, start 2 times. 3. I would say no.
  11. ebank

    EcoBoost Tuning

    The ST-Line has almost everything an ST has in the U.S. except the 2.7l ecoboost i think. I found This: https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a39108471/2021-ford-edge-st-line-by-the-numbers/
  12. https://stonumautomotive.com/running-cars-air-conditioner-winter-good-bad/
  13. The Way I read it is: 1. At a stop or below 15mph activate the forward camera. 2. Drive car to a speed above 15mph - camera automatically turns off. 3. Come to a stop or slow down below 15 mph and activate the forward camera again. 4. Forward camera fails to operate as expected.
  14. ebank

    2011 Sync died

    My 2011 LTD exhibited this behavior at about 100K miles, APIM had to be replaced. (Accessory Protocol Interface Module) A common issue.
  15. It's not just a river in Egypt... Look, you will eventually need to replace the battery, I would save myself the headaches and replace the battery already. There are a lot of posts on this forum about weird random electrical issues that have all been resolved by replacing the battery. Myself included. In my 2011, a battery never made it past the 24 month full replacement warranty. My 2019 Just had a cracked battery replaced under warranty. If you still have issues then you've eliminated a possibility and you don't have to worry about the battery being the problem. YMMV.
  16. I was loading a U-haul connected to my ST last week and I saw the lights go on on the trailer for no reason. I didn't think much of it at the time, then I saw this thread.
  17. https://repairpal.com/estimator/ford/edge/sunroof-motor-replacement-cost That site says the motor replacement is $544 to $632 parts and labor. $15,000 sounds outrageous, more than the vehicle is worth. Shop around.
  18. ebank

    Advanced Search

    Click on the username in the left side of their post. If you click on "theoldwizard1" you will get a list of posts and topics.
  19. That is one of the reasons I carry a jump start battery in the car. The other is I hate seeing people hook up 2 cars via jumper cables, there is so much that can go wrong and both batteries will suffer. IF I see someone in a parking lot with the hood up (and I have time) I will usualy ask if they need a jump start.
  20. ebank

    Tire truth?

    https://treadconnection.com/plugged-tires/ 14,000 will show significant enough ware on any tire to change the overall size enough to mess up the AWD system. Didn't you get the road hazard warranty?
  21. I was experiencing the same issues in my '19 ST at about 21K, I wasn't going to take a trip to the dealer for them to tell me it was fine, I waited until it would not start one morning. Jump started and drove to the dealer. I saw the tech come and put paperwork on my service writers desk after parking my car in the service lane, the service writer wasn't at his desk so I went over and read the diagnosis: Battery cracked and leaking, replaced. Online service history says: SERVICES PERFORMED Electrical TOTAL COST $0
  22. It turns off the alarm telling you your car is too close to the drive thru sign. So that you are not distracted whilst ordering your favorite fast food meal or hot beverage.
  23. Why not something like this instead? https://www.amazon.com/iJDMTOY-Tow-Receiver-Brake-Hole/dp/B07VKCW64R?th=1 slides in to your hitch receiver and plugs in to the trailer light hookup, no fuss. Cheaper?
  24. ebank

    Hello! Considering 2019 Ford Edge ST

    Welcome from a 2019 ST owner. Buy it - buy it now! (clean Carfax and everything else checks out of course) I won't tell you to have fun with your new ride, I don't need to.