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Adaptive Cruise Control


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It works well most (99%) of the time. And you can disable it if you just want it to work like a regular cruise control. It, and my blind spot warning and collission warning went belly up for about 10 minutes in really heavey rain. Didn't really need the cruise just then but the blind spot warning would have been nice. This was not "normal" rain.


I've also had it rapidly slow down in curves with tall barriers and traffic in adjacent lane. If the curve is sharp enough the detector is going to see an obstruction and kick it off. Probably not the best area for cruise anyway. This happened in the mountains on I-5 going between Oregon and Calif. but woud happen in any similar condition.


None of this is a big deal. Generally I like it but probably wouldn't miss it. If I bought another Edge it would be the Sport and it's not available on the Sport. It's probably a good feature for those who don't pay attention to their driving. :shades:

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Why isn't this feature (ACC) available on the 2012 Edge with the EcoBoost engine? It is available on the 2012 Ford Explorer with the same engine......


Because the active grill shutters are placed where the radar module needs to be. The Explorer doesn't have active grill shutters.

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