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Anti-theft car won't start

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I have a 2007 Ford Edge. Today my Edge would not start. All the lights came on, but it would not start. My anti-theft was blinking the entire time which in most case when I unlock the door it goes off or is deactivated. Previous for the last few months my driver side door took about 4-5 time to unlock with the key-less entry. I called Ford and they advised it could be a failed anti-theft board and to try another key in about 30 mins. I did and the car still didn't start. The battery was fine, but it appears to be a possible bad board or possibly this is an

encryption issue with the keys.


Any insight or folks that have had these let me know if this could be a failed pcb board for anti-theft or something else?



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Try and unlock the car with the key. if for some reason your edge actually has a a factory alarm (very few do, most do not since its an add-on option since 05 in fords) this disarms the alarm.


It sounds like your BCM dropped the programming of the keys. hopefully the bcm is not shot and they can just reprogram the keys. I had a buddy this happened to on his 04 f150 and he needed to replace the bcm.

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I had an 2005 explorer once that had a issue similar to yours. Eventually I learned that disconnecting the negative battery terminal for a few minutes (or a while, it was very annoying and temperamental) would resolve the issue. After replacing both battery terminals the issue never occurred again.   Probably a long shot but it doesn't hurt to check. 

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