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  1. mtbalser

    In Channel Vent Visors

    Weathertech, the only way to go. Have them on my 2012 for 2 years, no problem.
  2. mtbalser

    Cellbine ---> Afghanistan, Doing my Duty

    Welcome home!
  3. mtbalser

    Plasti Dip

    Try going to the forums list then look under accessories and modifications. Hope this helps
  4. mtbalser

    Plasti Dip

    If you search this forum there is lots of good info on both subjects.
  5. Silblade uniblades, I am not that impressed, had them for about 6 months perform just like anyother blade.
  6. mtbalser

    Merry Christmas

  7. mtbalser

    Steering System Whistle

    Check your fluid level.
  8. mtbalser

    Cellbine ---> Afghanistan, Doing my Duty

    Stay safe, look twice and then look again.
  9. mtbalser

    Long Trip, impressions...

    Great review
  10. mtbalser

    Fog Lights anyone?

    Radio, looks great! Glad I could be of some assistance. That's what this forum is all about.
  11. mtbalser

    Please welcome....

    Welcome home Turbo!
  12. mtbalser

    Well I most definitely didn't see this one coming

    So sorry to read this, the pics are great
  13. mtbalser

    Aftermarket fog lamps on 2013 Edge

    Look up my posts on fog lights, have installed, I think they look good (pics) and work fine.
  14. Just checked my 2012 limited, about 18 months in Michigan weather (salt), no problem.