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  1. timf

    2013 limited awd mileage sucks

    The mileage in my Edge (FWD) has been very consistent and predictable. If I'm driving my normal surface street commute, it's generally around 20 MPG +/- 1 MPG depending on whether traffic has been generally heavy or light. I've only had one tank that has gone below the 19 MPG city sticker rating. If I add in extra freeway miles, it quickly jumps up towards the 24 MPG range. I haven't done any long road trips with my Edge because I have limited lease miles, but I could easily see approaching the 27 MPG highway rating. That said, I'm planning on going hybrid for my next car since my driving is city heavy and I rarely need the full capacity of the Edge.
  2. timf

    Positive Ownership But It's Got To Go

    I was offered $26,500 for my similarly equipped Edge (although no tow or 20" wheels) that's a model year older with 1500 more miles, but opted against getting out early. Sounds like you were really getting low-balled. Hope you are able to enjoy your Edge for the time being and can eventually justify the truck you want.
  3. timf

    Ending Lease Early?

    The returning lessee promotions are typically valid 90 days before through 30 days after your current lease is scheduled to end, so if you are still outside 90 days you might have to wait a little longer. There should be no problem turning the car in early as long as it is paid in full. You can either pay cash for the remaining amount of your lease or have them roll those payments into your new lease.
  4. timf

    End of lease risidual

    In my experience the buyout price has always been determined at the start of the lease, because what you are paying for is the difference between the original price of the car and the expected residual at the end of the lease plus taxes and interest. Whether or not it makes sense to buy your car off lease depends how well they estimated the residual value of the car. On my last lease, the buyout price was about $8,000 less than the true residual value so it was a no-brainer to buy the car even just to turn around and sell it.
  5. Even if you don't have the physical coupon yet, they should be able to look up the code in their system if one has been issued to you.
  6. timf

    Fuel Mileage Getting Better 'n Better

    This is slightly off topic, but I was wondering how do you get the MPG and number of gallons used to display on the trip tracker? Is this a feature only certain models (i.e. 2011 or AWD) have? Mine just shows the elapsed mileage and timer.
  7. timf

    MyTouch 3.22

    I installed the update on Saturday - no problems so far.
  8. timf

    Track my order

    Priority 80 is very low on the scale (10-99, with 10 being highest priority), so you could be waiting a while. If this is a custom order they should have put it in as priority 10-19, otherwise it'll just be at the bottom of the dealer's inventory orders.
  9. I couldn't get the text message features of Sync working with iOS 6 either, but according to my company's phone rep Verizon blocks access to this feature on all phones. Your provider could be doing the same thing.
  10. timf

    European Maps to come??

    The new Mondeo (Fusion) is also available with MyFordTouch, so it's a good bet a Europe map SD card is on its way.
  11. timf

    Dr Colorchip

    I clipped the corner of my bumper and a little of the paint got scraped off. Would this product be a viable solution for fixing that?
  12. The technology available in the Equinox is comparable to what you'd find in your 2008 Edge. GM is far behind the times compared to Ford.
  13. You also will need to get the Limited or Sport model if you want the Sony HD Radio. It's not available on SEL.
  14. timf

    Down-Shifting while going downhill

    I've found the Edge to be very effective at using engine braking going downhill when cruise control is active. It doesn't seem to do this as much or at all when cruise is turned off.
  15. timf

    2013 Edge SEL with appearance package

    That's a steal of a deal. You must have every option available on the SEL. Grats and welcome!