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  1. I think you will have to remove the whole front facia. I had to do it to swap headlights and saw that it would be necessary to add the sport valence. Just curious, have you found a front valence from a sport model yet? My dealer wants thousands for just the front facia. I don't think thats right. I think you get the whole kit and painted for that price.
  2. Here is the finished piece. Let me know what you think.
  3. Did you wire in a back up camera here?
  4. I have a subwoofer in a prefabricated enclosure I bought off of the internet. Its the right volume for the two Alpine Type R subwoofers that I have and sounds great. Only problem is the box is grey and not tan like my interior. and having a box pushed up against my back seats looks unfinished any how. So I am going to cover the box with something and make it look like it almost belongs back there. So I am going to build two panels, and top and a side.Cover them in vinyl to match and then attached them once they are in the car as the unit together is to big to be put in all together. I also will be doing a little LED and Plexiglas work.
  5. Looking at photos of different Edges on this forum it seems to me that the Eibach springs lower the Edge more then the H&R springs do. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Do you ever have trouble with the LED strip not turning on? where did you get power from? the parking light?
  7. I am curious how well you like that steering wheel wrap.
  8. How does it sound? I have never heard a Gibson exhaust that I liked.
  9. I had an LED strip stop working. Had them warranted and now I have a brand new set that I am probably never going to install.
  10. Here is a picture from the other day. I dont have a good photo from the front and the weather has been crappy here in Missouri lately. Maybe later in the week I will have better photos. The wiring isn't bad. The high and low beam harness plug right in and you reuse your turn signal. the LED ring and strip are just two black and white wires which I used T-Taps to splice into the parking light wiring on the turn signal wire.
  11. My Edge is blue and the light housing is matte black. I think it looks sporty. I like the Chrome lights better. Here is a picture of the LED's. I have LED switchbacks for signals.
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