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  1. By $50 bucks on both sets I mean $100 total. Just clearing that up.
  2. Hey Everyone, My Brakes started to sqeak the other day and I was thinking about doing the pads this weekend. I have been getting the dealer to do it up until now. I want to get an upgraded set of pads now as I am going to be other performance upgrades to it as well. Where do I start. I have no idea what pads are good for the money and what aren't. I am looking to spend right around $50 bucks on both sets (front and rear). Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. -Mike
  3. My front door is having problems knowing that it is shut. I think it may be miss a lined. Where is the senor? I want to know if there was anyone else out there that had this problem.
  4. hehateme2812

    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

  5. hehateme2812

    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

    the earlier 2011's have the same throttle body position for both the 3.5 and 3.7, I am not sure about the other models. I should of been specific and said that it will fit any edge if your intake runs parallel to your battery and has not been rotated 30 degrees towards the battery. Thank you for asking me to clear that up.
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    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

    bump, bump, bump!!!!!!!!
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    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

    Hey Guys, Today I am selling my prozen intake as I am selling my edge to a friend. It is for a 2011-2013 for edge 3.7/3.5. They unfortunately do not want the intake and I said I would sell it instead. Its a female friend, so now it should make sense to everyone. **I will take $125 shipped** I will also through in a new filter with the intake. I will be adding a picture later today. -Mike
  8. hehateme2812

    2011 Sport and Non-sport Brake difference?

    Thanks for the Info
  9. Is there any difference between the 3.7 Model Brakes and 3.5 Model Brakes. Currently looking to upgrade my brakes to slotted rotors and upgraded pads. Any suggestion?
  10. hehateme2812

    Suede headliner anyone?

    looks awesome man. very clean!
  11. hehateme2812

    OEM 2012 Edge Chrome Clad Wheels & Grille

    very interested, can i see pictures of the scratches?
  12. hehateme2812

    WTB 2011-2012 18" CHROME CLAD RIM

    Thanks but I don't want to spend that much. Looking for a used but good condition rim. Thanks anyways
  13. hehateme2812

    WTB 2011-2012 18" CHROME CLAD RIM

    NEED to buy 18" chrome clad rim for 2011 limited. I really messed one up on a curb and I am done being sick of looking at it. Can someone PLEASE help