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    Disappointed with Livernois tuner for 2.0L...

    Have you tried running the program with the MyCalibrator connected to your PC? This happened to me too. They just forgot to email me... the tune was 'waiting' to be sync'd to the MyCalibrator.
  2. bobyellow

    19 ST Gear Indicator

    I use a free one (Engine Scanner).
  3. bobyellow

    HELP! Reverse Tilting Mirror Issue

    I use a 'trick' of setting memory #3 to both mirrors down. Before backing up, put briefly in Neutral, press #3, then Reverse. Once in Park, press #1 and mirrors are back to normal. I've tried the Forscan but like having both mirrors down when backing into a spot.
  4. bobyellow

    19 ST Gear Indicator

    Not on the dash. You can use a WiFi/BT ODB2 adapter to a phone. I have my phone on a vent and that works ok.
  5. bobyellow

    Engine auto off

    This happened to my '19 ST about 2 weeks ago. Didn't work for 2 or 3 days. Then suddenly, back to normal for the last week. My thought is that a door sensor wasn't communicating correctly (rear hatch doesn't close correctly while on an incline). Yes, I was monitoring the Fuel Economy screen. It would state 'Engine is operating normally' (or something like that). I would try turning of the engine via button while stopped. Then it would work sometimes at the next full stop. On a cold morning, it won't activate but the message will state 'Off due to warming humans' (or something like that!). If I turn off the Climate Control, bingo, shuts off.
  6. bobyellow

    No compartment slot for charging cable

    Send the cable out the 'side' and under the trim. The trim lifts easily as it only has clips holding it in. There is a gap in the frame of the compartment.
  7. bobyellow

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    Nope. Have a 5% cash back Amazon card. 🙂 So I win! Only $40.27 (with free shipping and 5% back). And don't need to create another place with my personal details (or type them in).
  8. bobyellow

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    $40 on Amazon. 🙂
  9. bobyellow

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Yup. Lots of times. Mostly for P to R for me (in garage backing out). After a cold start. Doesn't sound good for sure.
  10. bobyellow

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Normal. Always happens on mine.
  11. You can retrieve your's from you VIN. https://www.motorcraftservice.com/asbuilt
  12. bobyellow

    LMS Tune

    On the tuner>> Vehicle Info Code: Orig: CNDK2F3 New: CNDM1A4.H32 SW Orig: K2GA-14C204-ARK New: K2GA-14C204-DGA
  13. bobyellow

    LMS Tune

    Interesting. When I had a PCM updated in Feb, prior to the official TSB, I had a new strategy code... my LMS wouldn't even connect. I'm guessing that the cloud now 'knows' about the new PCM. I would recommend reaching out to them. Hopefully you saved the stock after the PCM update! Otherwise you might be reverting to the old 'bad' shift points the next time you revert to stock.
  14. bobyellow

    2016 Sport front bumper removal

    Hello. Welcome. Did you try using the search feature? 'remove bumper'.... 9th or 10th result yields (looks like fun!)
  15. Basic exhaust system shown. Edge has one 'suitcase' muffler, not two as shown. The Resonator helps to control the sound by slowing/expanding the exhaust. Without it, you might get a drone sound which is not pleasant. Some don't care about the drone. The x-pipe 'crosses' the two exhaust flows and replaces the resonator. Should reduce back pressure, increase performance. If you look at MRTs page, it lists the axle-back exhaust with a '2' drone.
  16. bobyellow

    2019 Forscan

    Edge ST (worked for me). This is different location than you are showing (?). 41 vs. 40 (is the shown spreadsheet your record? maybe you recorded it incorrectly?) Close Double Horn Honk (Engine Running Without Keyfob Detected (PTS)): 726-41-02 (2014+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx 1 (Enabled - Default) 0 (Disabled) Orig: 0101 0101 I love this change for when I take out the trash (very long driveway with neighbors at the end). At 5am, they are 'happy' not hear my double-horn beep when I open close doors! Three places with code to try(check): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qf2gYgkhmsX-dnFO3Ki0nYUvr7aeLKsHsA0WxhDns1s/edit#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yax6zfhZYj2joBczEeruqKh9X5Qhee3C0ngilqwTA7E/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/edit#gid=815852466 The 150's have some accessories not on Edges (like better gauge clusters and massaging seats).
  17. You need to use FORScan or know someone who has it (or a friendly garage). Never seen anything to disable Trailer Sway (do you have a light plugged in for a hitch light?). Disable Start/Stop (has a side effect of not monitoring your battery). Auto Start/Stop Disable - by disabling BMS (Battery Management System) BCM 726-48-02 x0xx xxxx xxxx FCIM 7A7-01-01 xxxx x0xx xxxx (optional - disables switch) IPC 720-01-01 xxxx 1xxx xxxx (optional - disables stop/start message center in the trip/fuel IPC menu)
  18. bobyellow

    2019 Forscan

    Not tried - Enable view text/new input while in motion (disables traffic and I use that feature occasionally). Yes, works - Door close double horn honk. Yes, works - Turn signal flashes on quick tap. Others (not highlighted) Yes, works - Secureidle Not tried - Adds an 'Average Speed' menu There is a thread already covering FORScan in the ST sub-forum. ? Generally, any newer Fusion (and F150) code works for our STs. The only one that I've found not to work is the winking of DRLs and turn signals.
  19. bobyellow

    Test drive

    Yes, if the package you have contains 'steering wheel mounted paddle shifters'. AWD should(might) have them on the steering wheel *with select packages. 'Optional AWD Disconnect, SelectShift® capability and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters'. I use them on tailgaters!
  20. Alternate Path: Use Fogs as DRLs. Far enough away so 'legal'. With FORScan, you can set DRLs to not turn off with turn signal. Enabled DRL Selection (BCM): 726-50-01: XXxx (my AsBuilt was 10) XX: 01 = Disabled / Parking Lights Only (See change below) 02 = Low Beams 04 = Front Fog Lamps 08 = Front Turn Lamps 10 = Dedicated DRL Lights (LED Light Bars/Strips) - Enables BCM DRL Outputs - C2280F (F-150) Pins 36 (Right) and 40 (Left) 20 = High Beams 40 = Low Beams and Dedicated DRL Lights Combined with 726-26-02 xxx* xxxx xxxx DRL Switchback w/Turn Signal: 0=disable, 1=enable Trying it for a little while.
  21. Any VW/Audi can disable 'winking' with a tool like FORScan (VAG). I used to own a VW and that tool/software is very advanced (more checkboxes with descriptions of changes/functions). I would help locals owners in exchange for a cup of coffee. Supposed to be the following... but doesn't work on my Edge ST. FORScan: 726-26-02 xxx* xxxx xxxx DRL Switchback w/Turn Signal: 0=disable, 1=enable
  22. bobyellow

    Lowering the ST

    Looks like it (front is noticeable but on a slight incline so the gap might be skewed). Note: the '19 Edge is almost an '18 Sport so probably just H&R on this one.
  23. bobyellow

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Hi all new ST owners! I thought I'd start a thread with 'new things', 'where's my cheese' or 'issues'. 1. Heated Steering Wheel setting toggle On/Off. This setting is very hidden (Climate>Menu>Heated Steering Wheel). Solution: FORScan APIM module (used the non-AsBuilt module selection, then chose 'Show'). Downside: Sync appears to only start on the Home screen. 2. Rear windows One-Touch down. Is this present in your vehicle? The icons on the switch suggest they should go down with a hard push. Mine don't (have an appointment to have a Tech look at them). Yes, I've tried to 'Re-learn' by following the manual's directions. 3. Windows Up with remote long press after locking via remote. Only Down is available from the factory. FORScan does allow this change. Need to set both the Driver and Passenger separately. FORScan: followed the instructions/settings on this page (mirrors work too but there are better places for instructions). Anything in the IPC doesn't allow editing (either Ford encrypted it or FORScan can't do it yet). If you know of another method for any of the above, I'd be glad to hear (try).
  24. bobyellow

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    Try local junkyards?
  25. bobyellow

    ESC Button on Edge ST?

    Just wondering what the 3rd option does... two are shown in the manual (1 & 2 pushes). The ST seems to have a 'hidden' 3rd option (race like the Fusion/Focus?). Presses: 0 - normal mode with car start 1 - Traction control off (stuck in snow/mud or launching at drag strip) 2 - Sport mode, have to push twice quickly. Sport mode which allows the driver to reduce normal electronic stability control system intervention and provide a more spirited driving experience (from manual). Long hold (status bar on display) - 'AdvanceTrac Off' how is this different than 1 quick push? Does this also disable Roll Control? Thanks for any known information.