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    2023 Edge Order Guide

    Did it change mid year? because I test drove a 22 Titanium (build date January 22) that had park assist but not the Elite package in June. It's actually still on the lot, one of those weird vehicles that every dealer occasionally has. Nothing wrong with it, but for some reason no one has ever bought it.
  2. grumzy

    2023 Edge Order Guide

    For Canada, I noticed when doing a build of an Edge Titanium on the Ford.ca site that for 2023 the enhanced parking assist has moved from the 301A Equipment group to the Titanium Elite Package. The prices of those options have remained the same as for the 22 but it looks like if you want the parking assist you now have to buy the Elite package, which used to be purely cosmetic. And of course to buy Elite, you first have to get the 301A build. So basically although the 301A price hasn't really changed, you now get less for your money and if you want enhanced parking assist on a 23, it will cost you $1500 more than it would on the 22. (You also have to deal with those awful two tone seats in the Elite package... Personally, I dont like them) I bring it here because I don't think I've seen the change mentioned anywhere. Maybe the enhanced parking is also available as a seperately priced item through the dealer, but it wont let me add it on the website without choosing Elite
  3. grumzy

    Ford Edge Sales Figures

    Updated table: 2007 - 132,327 2008 - 110,798 2009 - 88,548 2010 - 118,637 2011 - 121,702 2012 - 127,969 2013 - 129,109 2014 - 108,864 severe slow down in sales towards the end of the year when the old model was finishing up. 2015 - 124,120 low first quarter sales while new 2015 model was waiting for full launch. (23,000 in Q1 40,000 in Q2, Full launch was towards end of Q1) ​2016 - 81,550 to end of July (on track for 132,000+) ​All figures courtesy of LeftLane.com visit them for full monthly breakdown ​Comments to the right are my own. ​In comparison, the Lincoln MKX sells about 23,000 a year, doesn't seem to matter what they do, its just consistent. http://left-lane.com/us-car-sales-data/ford/ford-edge/ ​
  4. grumzy

    2.0 L EcoBoost or 3.5 L v6

    I have the previous version of the 2.0 on my 13 Edge and love it. Approaching 70,000Km on it (43K miles) and not had a problem yet. I love the acceleration when joining the highway or overtaking. I find the Torque more important to me than the HP as I'm rarely flat out, I accelerate to my cruising speed of just above the speed limit and then ease off. I'm sold on the turbos now and won't go back to the regular... however it depends on your driving style and what your doing. I think if you do a lot of towing you're probably still better off with the 3.5. The new 2.0 is supposed to be better with regards the lag. With the turbo there is a gap between putting your foot down and the turbo kicking in, some people hate that but you get used to it. When it does kick in you really notice it. The newer model supposedly has less lag but I cant vouch for that. I don't think fuel economy is necessarily a good reason to get the 2.0 though if you do city driving I haven't got close to the fuel economy figures on the window sticker. Sticker said 6.6l/100km hyw (35mpg US) and 9.9 city (23.7mpg). The in car dash display says I've averaged 10.2l/100km (23.06mpg) but in the two and a half years I've had the car (80/20 mixture of city and highway) I've tracked it at 10.92l/100km (21.5mpg) which is far from stellar but also not terrible. I imagine that's not too different to the 3.5, possibly worse. You can get really good economy providing you never actually kick in the Turbo, that's a slow steady acceleration at low revs... but it's not as much fun. Best economy I've had on a single tank is 7.71l/100km 30.5mpg. That's a road trip in the summer, so air conditioning was full on the whole time. On long road trips I usually get over 640km from a full tank which is more than 400 miles. Think the tank on the 16 Edge is bigger than the one on the 13 so you'd probably get more.
  5. I love the acceleration on the 2.0l, much better torque.... top end... well I never actually go flat out so I couldn't tell you. If I'm overtaking on the highway I do like the kick when the boost comes on, but other people say they don't like the lag. I think you get used to it. Having now had a turbo, I don't think Id go back to a regular but everyone is different.
  6. That Kona Blue (Not available for Canadians) looks very like/is the same as? the Deep Impact Blue they just retired. TGTBB looks classy... would get that if I was replacing my Ruby red.
  7. I understand and agree to some extent, and yeah, maybe a full a la carte is a step too far, but I'm not even saying I want a unique configuration, The configuration already exists and can be bought in Canada. I was originally questioning why I can buy configuration X in Canada but not in the USA. If I lived 70 miles south of where I am, I couldn't have the car I have. And I love my Edge, but if I lived in the US and had to have BLIS and leather seats just to get Sync and navigation I'd probably buy a different vehicle. Unless of course I faced the same situation with all manufacturers, which of course may actually be the case. I'm not trying to turn this into a project so investigation stops here. You could also argue that my actual point was... 'I Don't like leather seats... why do I have to have them? wah wah wah' :-)
  8. I agree that dealer stock is an issue, but if I'm prepared to wait 3-4 months for a factory order, I don't see why Ford wouldn't allow me to be able to order a la carte at a premium.
  9. On the Ford UK site www.ford.co.uk it is now possible to build and price an Edge. (Alphabetically its listed under NEW not Edge so scroll down) There are quite a few differences compared to the North American market model. Especially in the transmission. A Manual Edge would be fun. Also only 3 models instead of 4. Zetec, Titanium and Sport Not sure if it's just because its pre launch, but the Sport model appears to have exactly the same engine as the Titanium and base model. It just has the Sport Grill, fancy wheels and all the upgrades. And check out those prices.... convert to dollars and you'll feint.
  10. Yeah, I guess my issue is the lack of choice or maybe more the reason behind the lack of choice. With everything being fully automated and with some configurations allowed in Canada that arent in US and (to a lesser extent) vice versa, it isn't a technical issue. I guess I just don't understand the marketing. Seems to me, if you offer everything that is technically feasible as individual pricing options, but bundle some together as cheaper packages, people could walk away with exactly the vehicle they wanted instead of compromising. Most people would take the bundles, and feel happy they got a discount or an extra feature for free, whereas assholes like me would be happy to get exactly what they wanted at a slightly higher price. Sometimes there are technical reasons two items cant go together or need to be together, but for the life of me, if I lived in the US, I don't see why Ford would force me to have leather seats, if I would rather have cloth. I'm not asking for a discount, I'm saying give me Sync 3 and the navigation, but I'll keep the cloth seats and not upgrade to leather please. If you go to the etis site and look at the configuration of your vehicle it's a huge selection of + this and - that already. I guess this falls into the same category as Cable tv bundling... there is no technical reason you have to buy packages instead of individual channels, it's just the way they do it and even public revolt doesnt seem to change it ever.
  11. I live in Canada, so I can actually get the options I want for my SEL, but I cant figure out why in the US, if I want Navigation I have to also buy the utility package which includes BLIS, whereas in Canada as long as I have Sync 3 I can just add navigation. (I don't like BLIS, I prefer the curvy blind spot mirror) Same goes for seats, In Canada I can have premium cloth seats or leather, but in the US I have to have leather if I want SYNC3 etc. (Again I prefer cloth seats to leather, its not a cost thing, its a preference) As I say, I CAN get the options I want, but if I lived 70 miles south in NY state I couldn't. Cars are made in the same factory, but these differences aren't due to different regulations and it can't be a technical issue. Just don't understand the logic.
  12. Always your decision, I am biased, love my Edge, think it looks nicer than the Murano too, but cant say much about them never having driven one. The Santa Fe Sport sounded rough to me when I took it for a test drive but I was already thinking I liked the Edge. My co workers Santa Fe Sport 2.0 engine completely failed after 18 months earlier this year. To be fair he drove the s**t out of it and it was at 125,000Km after 18 months but that made it 25k past warranty period and the dealer wanted $15,000 to replace the engine. He managed to buy a replacement engine from a scrap yard and get it installed for $4000, but it's put me right off them. If you think the Santa Fe was too big, seeing a you're looking at other cars anyway and price appears to be a factor for you, may I suggest looking at the 2017 Escape when it comes out in the Spring. They've given it quite an overhaul, looks like a baby Edge and if you upgrade to the optional 2.0l Ecoboost I'm thinking it's going to be quite powerful.
  13. I just had this replaced on my 2013 SEL Ecoboost. Been happening intermittently for about two months. It helped that I was able to show the problem to the dealer as it happened when I parked in the lot when I took it in for service. The replacement shifter feels much more solid to move. (or more difficult... depending on your pov) I was lucky that it started to happen just before the warranty ran out (3k to go), because this is only free under the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, even though its patently a known issue.
  14. grumzy

    Power Steering Failure (2.0 Ecoboost)

    My car is only two years old so I'm assuming whatever the problem is it will be covered under warranty, but no, the recall doesn't include the Edge currently.
  15. I have a 2013 Edge SEL Ecoboost with 43.000 Km and yesterday the power steering just stopped working on my way into work. I took it to the dealer which is luckily next door to my office but they cant fit me in before next week. They suggested I check the power steering fluid levels and top it up to get me through till Wednesday, but it's an ecoboost so uses electronic power steering, there isn't any fluid. very helpful. Anyhow, I was checking on the issue online and I can't see any problems on Edges, but it appears there is a recall for other models announced a few days ago and the issue looks similar. I have no warning message, no check engine light, power steering is just gone. Trust me, the Edge without power steering is a beast to try and turn at low speeds. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue. I've found similar issues reported on Explorers and Fusions, nothing on Edges, but I think 2013 was the first ecoboost year for the Edge and maybe they'll just start showing now. Up to this point the car has been amazing, best I've ever had, but this is making me a little scared. I'm not using the car again until I can take it to the dealer, it's just not safe as I cant guarantee I can get round a corner without drifting wide. I think some signals are still getting through, because sometimes halfway through a turn it seems to kick in, which means I'm suddenly way overlocked, it's dangerous.