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  1. Hi, I have a 2011 Ford edge Sel 3.5 that doesn’t want to turn over everytime I put gas in the car. And only when I do this... this happens at the gas station. When I get it to start over after 2-3 tries. There’s no problem turing the car on, until I go to the gas station. Service light finally came on and I did ran my Amazon bought OBD scanner which came back with PS2196 and PS2198. O2 sensors for Bank 1-Sensor 1 and Bank 2-Sensor 1. I replaced both O2 sensors, car started up fine and actually seemed to run a bit quieter and more importantly cleared the check engine light. On good for about a week driving and many times. However go back to the gas station and same problem. Except today, when not only did it not turn over put it seemed stuck in trying to turn over. I turn the ignition key, with the normal sounds before turning over, but when it didn’t start after a couple of seconds I let go of the ignition key but the car kept going ... as if I was turning the key. I’m not a mechanic by any means so apologies if my terminology or description aren’t the best. Appreciate any help anyone can share. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Was hoping to find a simple and budget friendly solution to my battery cable problem. As you can see the positive cable has somehow come off the terminal. In searching for a fix on this, I'm coming up with having to purchase a complete battery cable assembly system instead of just a single cable. Any recommendations on a good parts site that won't be too expensive. Or any suggestions on an alternative fix for this, would be great news. Speaking of which if anyone else has encountered this, do I need a special tool to crimp the terminal onto the cable... I'm finding it very difficult to clamp that down. BTW - the cable itself appears to be too short to fit properly onto the battery terminal. So perhaps adding some kind of extension may also be a solution?? You'll have to forgive my ignorance I'm not much of a novice mechanic just trying to safe a little $$ so I'm hoping my post makes sense. Much appreciated!
  3. PegsEdge, did you ever fix or find out what the problem was? I just starting getting the same "traction control off" and "service advance trac" lights on.
  4. Hello, I'm sure I've missed it in the various posts on this topic but can anyone tell me where I can find the door latch ass for the 2011 edge. And is it recommended to also replace the switch as well? I've tried the spraying thing with no luck Much appreciated!
  5. Hi All, thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! Since my original post I've done a few things and have been monitoring the A/C; I cleaned the condenser/radiator with the A/C foaming cleaner as suggested, thank you! And had the OBD port checked... used a friends home version and came back with no problems. I checked the fans a few times since after driving both on the freeway and streets and until yesterday both fans were operating and temp gauge remained in the middle. Well yesterday after driving (streets) for about 15min.. the cool air suddenly stop and started to smell inside the car. I pulled over put the A/C on high and opened the hood... sure enough the fan on the driver's side was not operating. The temp gauge shot up rather quickly and almost hit the "H" before I turned the A/C off and turned the heat to full blast. After a few minutes the temp slowly dropped back within the normal range. Today didn't seem to have a problem. If I'm reading correctly, sounding like its the fan. Would this be replacing the fan sensor only, the complete fan assembly or are they all one of the same? Thanks again. Cheers!
  6. WWWPerfA_ZNOW thank you, much appreciated! With the exception of the miles (79,000) I'll be checking these when i'm off work and see what we get.
  7. Hello, First time posting. A few days ago, the temperature gauge on my 2011 Edge suddenly hit the “H” while driving on the streets. After immediately turning off my A/C the temperature dropped back down to the middle of my temperature reading and seemed to be ok for the next hour or so. Later that day while still doing errands I had no problems with the temperature except I did have the A/C off. The next day, not seeming to be having any problems I decided to turn the A/C back on and everything seemed to be fine. Well, the next time I went out for a drive I had left the air conditioner on and when I started the car within 15-20min the temperature elevated to “H” again and I received a warning message. So for the last day or so, it seems that as long as I turn the A/C off and only turn it on after I’ve started the car for about 5-10min I haven’t had the engine overheat. Any ideas of what this can be? I have very basic auto experience and would appreciate any help.
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