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  1. Looking to trade my 21" oem wheels and tires (about 50% tread left) for 20" oem wheels and tires. I'm in the GTA area if anyone is interested LMK. No bends scrapes or scratches, I'm looking to get the same in return. Thanks
  2. vrdublu

    Cold Air intake for 2020 Edge ST??????

    Please do share your findings, from what I have seen it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. it's a trade off of increased noise with not much gain at all. power to $$$ it's not worth it.
  3. vrdublu

    hands free liftgate

    the hitch is probably blocking the sensors if it's an aftermarket one, I'm in the same boat.
  4. vrdublu

    Cold Air intake for 2020 Edge ST??????

    Cold air intakes relatively speaking do not add much of anything, spend your money on a worthwhile upgrade ie: tune, instead. Unless of course you're dead set on the CAI.
  5. vrdublu

    Rim fitment

    Why would you even post that?
  6. vrdublu

    JLT Performance Catch Can

    Just checked my catch after an oil change about (4500km) since, I had approx. 2/3 full of oil/gas/moisture in the can. I have 45k km on the odo. Just curious how much oil/crap people are getting in their catch cans? BTW: no mods and it's cold outside and that seems to play a role here as well. Summer time I would get about half of that.
  7. I take it that this is an option? I thought my Edge sport was loaded, but I do not see any option on my fordpass app to remotely start/stop or lock/unlock.
  8. Lost the bolt in the engine bay somewhere and need to replace it. Does anyone know bolt size and thread?
  9. vrdublu

    Edge engine cover bolt (-W714962-S442)

    Exactly what I needed, thank you.
  10. Up for grab are a set of Husky liners front and back for 2011-2014 Edge. Like new condition, pics to follow. I'm in the GTA area if interested I can meet up or better yet they can be picked up. Looking for $150.
  11. vrdublu

    FS: Husky Liners Fronts & Rears

    bumpity bump bump bump...………….
  12. vrdublu

    2018 Edge Sport TPMS

    Anyone know what the correct TPMS for the 2018 Edge sport is? I'm getting conflicting info from rockauto, they list 315 MHz and 433 MHz, does it matter?
  13. vrdublu

    2018 Edge Sport TPMS

    Apparently providing the dealership last 8 digits of VIN will provide you with an answer. In my case they are the 315mhz ones.
  14. If you include an asking price you may get more bites.
  15. vrdublu

    20" Factory Wheels (x4) for 2016 Edge Sport

    How much for just the rims?
  16. Anyone know what the impedance of the OEM sub is? Also, can anyone point me to instructions on how to get to the enclosure, which panels need to be removed?
  17. vrdublu

    3.7L Sport MPGs dropping...dropping....dropping

    Seafoam the intakes or take the throttle body and intake off and clean by hand. The oil that gets into the snorkel and makes it's way into the intake through the throttle body eventually messes with your octane and degrades your mpg's. This takes awhile so it's hard to pinpoint the problem right off the bat. Plugs should not increase or decrease mpg performance, unless you're at the scheduled maintenance interval and should do them anyway. Transmission fluid change has nothing to do with bad mpg unless you're not shifting into 6th at highway speeds, but that would be noticeable. Bad MAF will throw a code.
  18. Just did the update last night, it is indeed 3.1.xxx. I did take awhile to update as well, but I don't see any changes in functionality or otherwise TBH. Only time will I guess?
  19. vrdublu

    PTU drain plug

    I also just recently performed a PTU and RDU oil replacement. The first time the oil changes were done was at 80, 000 KM at the dealership. The second was done by myself at 167,000km. The PTU was darker than the new oil, but flowed nicely and probably could have stayed in there longer. The PTU was surprisingly easier to get out than the RDU. The RDU I struggled to get a hose in there to suck out the old fluid, I just couldn't get the right angle no matter what I tried. I eventually only got 1/2" liter of fluid out of the RDU. Neither fluid really required servicing, but it's done and gives me a piece of mind for the time being.
  20. Any idea if this can be done through "Forscan" ? Any tips on where to find this "RCV Configuration" in there?
  21. Have you tried doing a hard reset of the APIM by disconnecting the battery cables and shunting them together?
  22. vrdublu

    F:S A7 map sd card

    I have an extra A7 map ad card up for grabs if anyone is interested? $50
  23. Just wondering if anyone knows which 2 of the 3 wires that go to the driving light/turn signals to tap to prevent turn signal hyper flashing?
  24. I did find that option in Forscan and had it turned off, although one of my rear turn signal LEDs is out. Apparently even though you turn the function off, you will still get hyperflashing if a bulb dies.