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  1. snake456

    New Audio System in 2013 SEL

    Factory. LC7i takes high level inputs, processes sound and converts them to low level outputs. I haven't had any issues with my factory head unit and I really wanted the car to look factory.
  2. Been a while since I've been on this forum, but I wanted to share my latest project I've been working on for a while. Factory system was OK when I bought the car but always knew I wanted to upgrade at some point. Sounds great! My wife, which could care less, even commented on the sound! Infinity Reference 6832cf in all four doors (tweeter swivels upward) Audiocontrol LC7i processor (Acubass is incredible) Blaupunkt AMP1504 4-channel amp (150W x 4 RMS) and Kicker Hideaway subwoofer under the "40" seat (not looking for a window rattler, but surprisingly puts out a lot of bass) The LC7i makes the sub perform so much better and the sound is so much more full. Collected components over the years and bought when I could get a really good deal so only have about $500 in the entire system, including cables and wiring. It was important to me that the car looked stock so I wanted everything to be hidden with minimal modifications. I am even surprised at the improved sound. Well worth your time if you care about the music in your car.
  3. snake456

    Sub box under rear seat

    Kicker underseat subwoofer fits, but you can't lay the seat down. I put mine under the "40" seat. Sounds great. Amazon had it a few weeks ago for $189.
  4. snake456

    New Rims for 2013 Edge

    Looks great. Please post pics. Looking for some new wheels also.
  5. snake456

    2013 Ford Edge SEL Mods ... so far

    Been a while. Since I got my Edge, one of the things that bothered me the most was that the center console was so deep and dark. Last week I solved that problem. I tapped into the power of the 12V outlet on the back of the center console (continuous power) and using a reed magnetic switch along with a strip of 3 led lights I purchased at AutoZone, I now have a lighted center console. Hook up the switch as normally closed.
  6. Looks great! More pix would be appreciated. I assume you had a factory sub already?
  7. The grommet Norm is talking about is the perfect place. I have used it also.
  8. snake456

    Homelink visor installation

    Recently purchased a Homelink garage door remote from eBay and installed it in the driver's side visor. Just be careful opening up the visor cover. Start at the center end of the visor and you only have to peel back about 1/3 of the visor cover. Tap into the visor light wiring, program it to your opener and done. About $30 total for a visor Ford is charging more than $300 for. Can't tell it's not factory.
  9. snake456

    Line out converter ?'s

    I tapped in to the rear speaker wires in the pillar between the passenger side front and rear door. Plenty of room, easy connection.
  10. snake456

    Incoming Bluetooth calls

    Shaay, Left car with local service department for 5 days. They said they could not duplicate the problem. As soon as I got the car home I paired my phone and the problem was still there. Paired my wife's phone, same problem. Called the service department back and they said there were compatibility issues with certain android phones. Sounds like an excuse to me. Frustrated with this process.
  11. snake456

    Incoming Bluetooth calls

    We are lucky to have your expertise on this site Kirby.
  12. snake456

    Incoming Bluetooth calls

    I just spoke to Ford Customer Service on the phone. The representative said that I had attempted all the steps they would suggest (unpair/repair phone, master reset, trying a second phone) and I needed to take it in for service. I will wait for the next maintenance service I guess. Inconvenient.
  13. snake456

    Incoming Bluetooth calls

    Good point Kirby. Unfortunately I tried it with my wife's phone and it did the same thing.
  14. snake456

    Incoming Bluetooth calls

    May work with another phone, but Sync should work properly with any phone.