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  1. I have had 4 Ford Edges but never experienced anything like this on any of them. I did, however, experience something like that on a 2002 Ford Explorer that turned out to be a steering linkage component that was part of a recall. The vehicle would wander and got worse the faster I went. I don't recall what part it was and the linkages are probably quite different on an Edge. Hope you get it sorted.
  2. benoborich

    Oil Life Monitor % ?

    The oil life monitor monitors a number of factors (in addition to mileage) to determine how much life is left in your oil. However, the reading is only valid if it was reset to 100% the last time the oil was changed.
  3. benoborich

    HELP! Reverse Tilting Mirror Issue

    I have a 2019 Edge Titanium with 4,500 miles. My mirrors have never tilted. I have had 4 Edge Titaniums and none had tilting mirrors. I have never seen this feature described in any Ford literature or web site. However, if you find it is an available feature I would definitely be interested in it. The backup camera provides a lot of visibility when backing up but not along side the vehicle.
  4. benoborich

    Edge Traction Control

    Sorry. I missed your post so am very late responding. I had the original all season tires on the vehicle. I believe they were Hanook. Still no problem climbing the hill with traction control off.
  5. benoborich

    2015 Edge bad GAS mileage

    I have the same vehicle. If I am travelling around 60mph with little or no headwind I get around 26 to 27mpg. At 70 or 80mph with a headwind it will drop to around 21 or 22 mpg. With a strong headwind it can drop to 20 or lower. Not sure why you would get less.
  6. benoborich

    Edge Traction Control

    I want to pass on an experience I had with the traction control on my 2015 Ford Edge AWD. I live in NW Ontario, Canada on the shore of Lake of the Woods. My driveway has a steep hill that I have to climb to get out. I have been driving up this hill in winter conditions for 26 years with 3 ford Explorers, a Ford Escape and 3 Ford Edges, all with 4WD or AWD and have never had a problem until now. Shortly after snow and some freezing rain I tried to drive up this hill. 3/4 of the way up, the traction control light came on and I lost power which stopped me at that point. I admit there was some spinning and sliding but that is normal. I tried to back down the hill but as soon as I started to move, the heavier front of the vehicle went first and I started to slide sideways down the hill. This hill is not much wider that the Edge is long and there are steep banks down to large rocks. Eventually I got turned around and got off the hill without going over the side. I checked the manual and determined how to turn off traction control which I did and drove out with no problem. Over the next couple of weeks I drove out with traction control disabled and again no problem. Then one day after turning it off I attempted to drive out and part way up the hill traction control turned back on by itself and cut power to the wheels stopping me at the same spot. It was a strange situation as both the traction control 'OFF' icon and the traction control 'ON' icon illuminated simultaneously, a situation that should never coexist. That condition eventually cleared itself after another uncontrolled decent down the hill and several attempts to manually clear it. I went to the dealer who couldn't do anything as the condition had cleared. While traction control may be an important safety feature on level ground it can be an unsafe feature on a hill so if anyone has a driving situation like mine, just be aware.
  7. benoborich

    Air condition issue

    Possibly the engine cooling fan is not working. I believe it is electric so it could be a sensor, switch or the fan motor itself. When the car is moving, the moving air would provide the cooling that the fan isn't.
  8. benoborich

    door latch

    I had the same problem on a 2011 Edge but traded it off so never had it fixed. I have read comments in this forum, however, that the problem might be a sensor rather then the latch itself.
  9. benoborich

    Shift in Park

    I had this issue with a 2011 Edge. Turning ignition off then back on corrected issue which just resets the computer. I now have a 2015 Edge and although I haven't experienced that specific problem yet, I have other issues, such as the driver's seat not always coming forward, when the vehicle is started. Not a big deal but disappointing that the system is not more reliable.
  10. benoborich

    Sport Seat Comfort

    I'm experiencing the same thing with my 2015 Edge Titanium. Tried multiple positions but nothing helps. My ass just hurts. I have 12,000 km (7,500 miles) and nothing has improved. I even tried a thin cushion but that was just useless plus could not use the heated or cooled seats. This is my 3rd Edge but there won't be a 4th if they don't change the seat design.
  11. benoborich

    Gas Cap Opening on 2016 Edge

    Is it a small rubber piece about an inch long? I have a 2015 Edge and I took a look at my fuel lid and that was the only thing I saw that looked like a coil. I have attached a picture.
  12. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of DRL's, that being to increase safety by making your vehicle more visible on the road?
  13. benoborich

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    I believe you are correct regarding the timing of Ford making the 2.0 EB standard. I noted that some of the comments in this thread that indicated a significant premium for the 2.0 were dated well into 2015.
  14. benoborich

    Owners of 2.0l turbos speak to me.......

    I just bought my 3rd Edge- 2015 Titanium with the 2.0 ecoboost. My previous Edges were '08 & '11 with the 3.5 liter. I only have about 1,000 km (600 miles) on my new Edge so can't really give much detail on its performance but I am pleased with its low end torque and fuel consumption. I do want to comment, however, on some of the threads in this discussion regarding the cost of the 2.0 ecoboost. Some have indicated that there is a premium for this engine but that is not the case, at least not in 2015. For all models (except the Sport) the 2.0 ecoboost is the standard engine (both in the U.S. and Canada) and a premium of $400 to $500 is charged for the 3.5 liter.