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  1. Another loss for me for trading in my 2014 Edge for a 2016. But it could be your gain! (4) 18x8 Sport Edition A9 Titanium in Gunmetal rims - 5x114.3 bolt pattern (4) 245/60R18 Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 winter tires Installed with Ford's tire pressure monitors Approximately 5,000 miles on them during 2 relatively mild Ohio winters. I'd keep them, but they don't fit the new Edge. $1,100 - and I ship these FREE.
  2. Barely used set of Drive Bright LED tail lights (shadow black). Just got these after Christmas for my 2014, but now upgrading to 2016 Edge. Mint condition, no scratches. Does not include bulbs; can plug-and-play with existing wiring and bulbs. $250 for the pair ($299 retail). Msg if interested!
  3. These are sold. Thank you.
  4. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Very nice! I dig that color.
  5. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Sweet. I'd be curious about the center stack. Congrats!
  6. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Here's a quick pic. Picked it up yesterday. Super impressed with it overall - only have a minor gripe about the build quality of the center stack, as some pieces don't line up flush with each other. But I've noticed this on several Edges. Not a deal breaker. Regarding the fast order turnaround, I was told that the dealer also ordered an F-150 just after my Edge was ordered and it also arrived at the same time mine did. I guess we both got good factory karma! Looking forward to having this as my daily driver. Again!
  7. Still available.
  8. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Ok, even weirder - my car arrived at the dealer this afternoon. If you're following along, I ordered Feb. 15. It arrived March 4. That's THREE WEEKS. I'm speechless. Photos when I pick it up in the next few days!
  9. BPM

    Blacked out all of the badges today

    That's sexy.
  10. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Strange turn of events. I guess I got a little lucky this time around - I ordered just a few weeks ago. It was built 2 days ago. That's pretty fast!
  11. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    I actually had that same problem with mine. Was built and then just sat for weeks. Nobody could give me an answer. I would imagine it all depends on where rail cars / carriers are heading and how they can optimize their routes.
  12. BPM

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Proud owner of a 2014 Limited here. Ordered that one and waited and waited and waited for it. But... With all the new enhancements and upgrades, and the fact that I'm also unloading another car, I decided to trade both in for a 2016 Edge. Ordered today: 2.0/FWD Titanium White Platinum/black interior 302A pkg 20" wheels Cold weather pkg (I missed having a heated steering wheel in a previous car - it's an amazing invention in cold climates!) Most looking forward to the improved handling and Sync3. The wait begins. Again...
  13. BPM

    Custom Ford emblem

    Awesome. My replacement has two prongs on it so I figured it was "fastened" on instead of just stuck on. Looks like I have to cut those off when I stick it on.
  14. BPM

    Custom Ford emblem

    I'm doing the EXACT same changes you did. Got the front done. But can you please share how you remove the rear hatch emblem? I can't find anything online at the moment. Not sure if the mounting changed from 13-14...
  15. I just took a little getaway (400 miles round trip) and hit 28. I regularly get 22 in town. I'm totally pleased with these numbers. I suspect in order to get to 30, you'd have to really be driving on a flat piece of land for a good distance and be between 50-60 mph.
  16. BPM

    Hi I'm Chris

    Another Ohio owner! Welcome!
  17. Just noticed this - I have a 2014 with MyFord Touch. On the small LCD that features Navigation, Phone and Entertainment, Climate is missing from the list, so I have to use voice or touch the main LCD. I find myself using the steering wheel "mouse" buttons quite frequently, so I was caught off guard when I went to change the temp. Can anyone with a 2014 tell me if it's the same in their vehicle? I have the latest software version AND I called Ford to ask, but they told me I need to compare my vehicle with others, since they had an older version in their call center (odd, btw). Several review videos from 2013 show that "Climate" is one of the 4 options on the small LCD screen. Thanks!
  18. Ahh. Thanks for the reply. Bummer!
  19. BPM

    Removing rear oval emblem

    I think there may be conflicting reports on how it's attached. And it might depend on what model year you have. The emblem I purchased to replace the rear emblem has two prongs that presumably get pushed into two holes on the door. I have a 2014. Has anyone removed one recently? Need help!
  20. It's been a very long wait. Been a member here since 2007, in fact. Various reasons prevented me from making the purchase back then. But I'm glad I waited! Ordered in March, and after 13 long weeks, it was finally delivered on Friday. 2014 / 2.0 EcoBoost / white platinum exterior / 20" rims / sienna leather interior. I can't say enough good things about this car (so far). Excellent handling, quiet interior, great sound system and the 2.0 is more than capable of moving the car - no regrets getting this engine. 200 miles on it in 2 days just because I love driving it. And more to come! Looking forward to providing feedback as well as reading up on everyone else's experiences.
  21. I like it, but I think I'm in love with my 2014 inside and out. I debated waiting, but I'm glad I didn't. Something about the rear end just isn't "right."
  22. This! And for those who replaced all the bulbs, which ones did you order and from where? There are SO many places to get LED bulbs now...
  23. BPM

    Pending New Edge Owner

    I've been waiting patiently since March 8. Was built just after Memorial Day and is sitting in Dearborn waiting for a truck. I'm usually patient, but this is starting to annoy me! I just want my car!
  24. I ordered in early March. Going on week 11.
  25. BPM

    New to Forum, not to Edge or Ford

    Both are lookin' sweet!