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  1. I'manedgeowner

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    lidisco, http://www.oilem.com/turbo-fuel-stratified-injection-tsfi-direct-port-injection-carbon-build-up-problem/ if the link doesn't take you there, search catch cans. The Petroleum Institute and others offer much more technical information on this if interested.
  2. I'manedgeowner

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Ariel, Mercedes, AMG, Koenigsegg, if you're intent on measuring. Answer this, why does carbon build up on the valves?
  3. I'manedgeowner

    Rear suspension

    akirby, Although damage is definitely a possibility when a rear lower link is used instead of a typical arm, not necessarily. Regardless, without seeing the car or more information it's hard to give any good advice. It would help to just know if the leaning in is positive or negative camber. For Craig, the top leaning in is negative, the bottom leaning in, positive. It would also help to know what the tire tracking is doing. Is the tire inline with the rest of the car. Does it look like it's steering one way or the other? What about tread wear? Is it even? How long have you owned the car? If you bought it used, did you use Carfax or another reporting agency to learn about the car history? If not than I would go with akirby on damage. Assume the worse and hope for the best.
  4. I'manedgeowner

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    snmjim, Will they be answered? When I have a choice between existing research from people with no skin in the game and marketing hype from someone with skin in the game I do have to admit I have a bias.
  5. I'manedgeowner

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Maybe a bit of devils advocate here. I'm not an engine guy but when I read someone write about a catch can being illegal in CA., which I wasn't aware of, and no one explains why that would be a lot gets explained about what I'm reading. Maybe it has something to do with the PCV valve? No one has addressed why catch can's are recommended for the track and an AOS is recommended for the street. Could it have anything to do with the PCV valve? Probably a good question to be able to answer. @lildisco, Catch cans are climate\weather sensitive which may explain your seasonal differences. Along with this climate sensitivity they collect moisture which the can does not capture and goes to the intake.
  6. I'manedgeowner

    Rear suspension

    It would help if you could narrow this down some. Have you tried having a rear alignment done?
  7. I'manedgeowner

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Making plans to do this in the fall. Too busy during the summer to take something like this on. The car could end up sitting for weeks and only half done. I'll be more than happy to document this for you. Didn't think anyone would be interested.
  8. I'manedgeowner


    Wizard, I didn't even think to look at the profile. Thanks because screwing up is how I learn and remember. Usually. I guess what gets me about this than is why insist on this dealer without a reason? He has to have a reason, right? If he has nothing invested, financial or otherwise, is he a glutton for punishment? Maybe doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? That's a definition for something?
  9. I'manedgeowner


    Wizard, I see your point completely. I wasn't disputing anything. I was expanding on possible circumstances. I can't say I know the Edge enough to see it's a 2017 in the write up without being it stated. For all I know it's an 2007. Like the Continental Tire discussion, I know of ContiXXX systems from other situations and the discussion of TPMS and Forscan was all new to me. I've learned a heck of a lot more here than I've helped anyone. As I said, I don't know the circumstances with the OP, the car or the dealer. My point was sometimes there are reasons to pursue the same shop to get it right and unfortunately as the grandkid is going through, they ain't all good guys. Sometimes the customer is myopic about what is and what they want it to be. I'll agree that there is "attitude" with the post and it's not very often that attitude is helpful when dealing with anybody and as you've pointed out, posting for the sake of venting anger and frustration can usually be torn apart by an observant level head. My granddaughter and I will be going back to her garage this afternoon but I've warned her in advance that if she has brought this on herself I will empathize with her but there won't be any sympathy from me. She's a typical, impatient teenager that wants everything now and may have gotten what she asked for, "I want my new car now." We'll see.
  10. I'manedgeowner


    One of the grandkids bought their first car last weekend, a PT Cruiser. It spent half of the week in a garage getting all the fluids flushed and changed, filters replaced, basically getting all the maintenance up to date and a tune up. She called me Thursday saying the car would sometimes shake when going slow and the check engine light was on. I told her to stop by in the evening and we could look the car over and scan it but she never showed up. I called her last night to see what was up and she said she took the car back to the garage and they looked it over. She said they told her there was nothing wrong with the car. At the time the shaking hadn't been back but the check engine light is still on so we are going back there together this week. She works part time at the local go kart track and can't afford to be paying two or more garages to do what she has already paid for. I can't speak for what is going on with this guy and the dealer but I can understand not wanting to pay more than once for the same work. Does this apply to Zander's Edge? It is a reason to go back though.
  11. I'manedgeowner

    The Kill Zone

    I was involved in racing for years with teams both large and small but health kept me from even attempting to pass the sanctioning physicals. All the drivers and crews were fortunate for it too!
  12. I'manedgeowner

    Do you have the Hidden Continental Tire Logo on your Edge PCM??

    AntDeek, I can't say for sure but I would guess that's more because of the agreement between Ford and Continental and not system potential.
  13. I'manedgeowner

    Where to purchase OEM wheels?

    1004ron, No problem. I'm guilty of my fair share of quick reads too. Marchese, Again, no problem. I was just confused about both OEM and knockoffs being used. Summit does sell from a company that makes knockoffs which was the reason for my suggestion.
  14. I'manedgeowner

    $21,000 Oil Change

    akirby, Track events like these are great. I took a couple of the grandkids to one at MIS where they got some laps driven in a 63, 289 Shelby Cobra and that sealed their love and appreciation for cars. It really helped with the "grandpa always busy in the garage" complaints. They're a lot older now and will come by just to hang out in the garage too now. Gramma felt cheated though. The Wizard, I've heard and read that Enzo said the same about the E Type. Best looking car ever made. I've also read that Bond only had a DB5 because Jag wouldn't give them an E. Apparently they Jag didn't need any promotional or marketing help with the car. It gets said a lot that this or that car looks like it going 100 MPH sitting still but it's definitely true about the E. Any chance you saw the Gas Monkey episode where the found a rust bucket E and still made good money on it selling it as is? Ouch about the Boss. It was always a coveted car but not like it is now. If you had a Mustang the Boss was the one to have. Too few of the muscle car era cars have survived unfortunately. The closest I came to owning a coveted car back in the day was one of the 100, 427 Thunderbolts but it was sold before I put the $1,200 together to get it. I was still in high school at the time and fought with my parents about getting it and only talked them in to it because it was an automatic. To them, a 4 speed meant "trouble making criminal in training." Those were the days huh? Long shot question but do you know what happened to your Boss? I use to go to the drag strip with one of my sisters boyfriends in 71 and 72. He had a Nova and sold it around the same time and bought it back around 20 years ago. Once he realized that it was his actual car he had to have it. Not really a collector car but to him it's priceless to him. I also know this girl who lost her virginity in it and if the car was ever to be sold again she'd be the first in line for it. Funny about what cars can do to or for people.
  15. I'manedgeowner

    Where to purchase OEM wheels?

    1004ron, Maybe clear to you and that's fine but when I read, "20" Edge Sport knockoffs" it's not the way I see it. I've never heard OEM referred to as knockoffs. Take offs yes, knockoffs, no. Knockoff from the dictionary, "copy or imitation."