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  1. I have been wondering the same thing since I noticed @ 60 mph on dry pavement and I hit a hill and it shifts from 6 th to 4 th I get the 50/50 split
  2. diesel97

    Gen 2 inline fuel filter???

    thanks had it on the lift the other day and we didn't see it but we also didn't take all the underpinning off. Maybe its just the Gen 2 2.0L
  3. diesel97

    Gen 2 inline fuel filter???

    I have a 2017 SEL AWD 3.5L and want to change the fuel filter, where is it? I know Ford likes the lifetime in tank filters but I could have sworn I read the Gen 2's have inline filters but had it on the lift and can't find it. Even 3 different part stores have a listing for my make and model. Anybody have and idea if they even have one and if so where? Pics or diagrams would help thanks
  4. diesel97

    Dash Camera Installation

    how do you get that change drawer out LOL
  5. diesel97

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    I agree with people say the price of the ST to the Sport is not that bad but IMO the Sport was way overpriced to start with
  6. diesel97

    Edge ST MPG

    You still haven't replied on how much boost your tune is making. I believe this was the 3rd time asked
  7. diesel97

    Car rolls on engine turn off

    I use the parking brake more than ever on my 2017 Edge. Just hand washing it moves back and forth (seems like 6 inches LOL) so much. Worst ever, WHY is there so much play?
  8. diesel97

    Something missing?

    Probably screw in an eye bolt for an engine hoist
  9. thanks, I would lose it on my computer LOL. Funny the stuff I save and can never find again
  10. I understand that save the OEM tune but have read that stuff happens and you get a corrupted file then you need to go to the dealer for a reflash. Some people copy and store theirs on a drive
  11. Thanks, Mano I was reading another thread about tunes you mentioned to save your OEM tune on a USB or Computer for safe keeping. how do you do that? You can PM me if you don't want to go into detail here. Thanks
  12. I just bought an Unleashed SCT X4 for Torrie and it comes with 3 tunes. My question is what 3 tunes would you guys recommend for a stock 2017 SEL AWD 3.5L? Not sure what my options are, so a list of tunes and what did you get would be great. thanks
  13. Has anybody had trouble with aftermarket HID in their low beams not playing well with there DRL's?
  14. diesel97

    thanks for the add,Vermont

    sorry missed the response, 201a package I believe