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  1. erikrichard

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Ford's maintenance schedule says to replace fluid for the first time at 150k miles. Not sure if it's a good idea to wait so long, but there it is. I'd drain/refill without any hesitation whatsoever if I were you.
  2. erikrichard

    Transaxle Fluid Change Old/New

    The fluid on the right looks fine to me, dark red is perfectly normal at 33k miles, which is way too soon for a transmission fluid replacement in my opinion. It won't hurt anything but your pocketbook though. Next change for me would be 100k rather than in a couple hundred miles.
  3. erikrichard

    Water pump concern

    Why would that pose a problem? unless there was a crack I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. erikrichard

    2011 Edge Engine swap Done

    What an f'ing nightmare. My Edge wp is good, but if it ever shts the bed and destroys the engine I'll just call the junkyard, get it towed and not replace it with a vehicle that uses this timing chain driven wp 3.5l engine. Hopefully it won't come to that.
  5. erikrichard

    Broke engine oil dipstick

    Telescopic magnet?
  6. erikrichard

    Water pump weep hole

    Yes, that's it.
  7. erikrichard

    Ford changing coolant types

    So someone please correct me if I don't have this right - Ford used the orange coolant until 2009, then changed it to the specialty green in 2010, then back to orange again in 2012 - why? I wonder if the coolant type had an impact on the numbers of failed water pumps for the different model years or if it's totally irrelevant which one you use. Anyone have an opinion?
  8. erikrichard

    Ford changing coolant types

    Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't realize the coolant after the green was different than the one before it. I'd like to see water pump failure rates among the different coolants used to see if they correlate but I know that's impossible.
  9. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    You nailed it. I've been driving for 35 years and never had a serious accident. Actually, I've only had one and it was a fender bender. For a couple decades I had a business where driving was a big part of it, so I've driven somewhere between half a million and a million miles. Not to say it couldn't happen, but my 2010 Edge is a very safe vehicle compared to most I've owned before. These guys act like a 10 year olf vehicle is falling apart - the truth is my Edge looks, runs and drives like a 2 year old vehicle because I spent the time finding the right deal. However, and I'll leave this conversation with this last point, the $10k I spent on it represents a single year of depreciation a new Edge gets hit with. So, if by some incredibly low odds it suffers a catastrophic engine failure and ends up in the junkyard within the next year, I'm still ahead of where I'd be had I bought a new Edge a year ago.
  10. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    It totally depends on how that 10 year old vehicle was treated. A garaged and well maintained vehicle treated with care is a completely different thing than one that has been kept outside and treated like crap. I've seen vehicles with 200k that look better than vehicles with 20k. As in all things, the answer is "it depends." I will say that vehicles just keep getting better and better. A 2010 vehicle driven today is going to be a WAY better 1990 vehicle driven in 2000, in general. I'm pretty blown away by advances in vehicle technology, but the depreciation game is as extreme as the msrp climb of new vehicles.
  11. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    "Well, then expect a lot of "incoming" from erikrichard, because you've not only been "crazy enough" to acquire a new vehicle, but you've done so with zero equity & zero potential for retained value, if it keeps value relatively well." Why would I respond to Jamie? he's not the one whining about depreciation, blaming poor reviewers for deeper depreciation losses (silly idea, the value of your 2019 is going to drop like a rock regardless of reviews) and justifying losing 30-40% of the value in 3 years with a bunch of safety features that have a small chances of ever actually making a difference in a severe crash, that is a low % chance of happening in the first place?
  12. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    Seems I touched a nerve in TomCinMi, he's a bit off the rails. Justifying a $50k purchase that's going to be worth $10k in 10 years isn't easy it seems... Drove my beautiful, reliable, comfy 2010 Edge today, didn't die or nothin - it was a beautiful thing.
  13. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    Hey, if you got monty to burn buy a brand new vehicle every couple years. Somebody's got to buy all the new cars, just ain't gonna be me.
  14. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    A 30 year old computer wouldn't even be able to access the internet. A good running 30 year old car serves the same purpose a new car does, not a good comparison.
  15. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    Sneezes and skin cells aren't avoidable, massive depreciation hits are. I don't even mind the farts! (as long as he doesn't do it on the test drive)
  16. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    Sounds cool, will enjoy having that feature (however useless it actually is) when I buy a 2019 Edge in 10 years for $10k. Maybe it will be yours - if so thanks in advance for paying off $40k worth of depreciation!
  17. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    Fall for marketing much? If a driver is paying attention there is no difference in accident survival between a new Edge and a 2010 Edge. If you are lazy/inattentive then maybe the features of the new Edge is safer.
  18. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    I sincerely doubt my 2010 Edge is any less safe than your 2019 Edge, but justify your hugely depreciating asset however you wish. I did mention that luxury vehicles take more of a depreciation percentage hit than economy cars, this is obvious. Buying a 2019 Edge ST is certainly a luxury vehicle compared to say a Ford Fiesta. Nobody buying a $50k vehicle has any reason to complain about depreciation, surely you knew going in it would be worth about half what you paid in 3 or so years? or were you that naive?
  19. erikrichard

    So Is All The Youtube Videos True

    All new vehicles depreciate horribly, the more luxury the model the greater depreciation loss you will face regardless of brand. I'm way too cheap to ever buy a new vehicle. The advantage of warranty doesn't effect me because I do all my own maintantence and repairs. The advantage of financing doesn't effect me because I always pay with cash. The advantage of having the latest and greatest doesn't effect me because I could care less what others think and am easily impressed by 10 year old tech. Maybe in 10 years I'll buy a 2019 Edge, and will be just as impressed then as I would be owning it today.
  20. erikrichard

    Transmission Flush at 30k

    I would just dump and fill rather than pay for a flush, it's stupid easy since there isn't a filter to replace. I watched this video and did mine in a few minutes.
  21. erikrichard

    gas tank capacity at empty

    My 2010 still has a couple gallons after it shows "0 miles to empty", weird that your 2013 differs from a 2010 and 2016.
  22. erikrichard

    Coolant loss

    The 2010 Edge I purchased with 115k miles 2-3 months ago is losing coolant and not sure what to do to figure out where. All coolant checks were done with engine overnight cold. After I bought it I noticed the coolant level was about an inch below the low mark. Yeah I know, I should have paid more attention to that before buying it. I did a dump and fill with motorcraft green as specified in the manual. About 20 miles later level had dropped about 1/2" so I added to just above the low level cold mark. I then drove it about 300 miles and the level didn't drop so I thought it was good. It's been about 500 miles since the last check and I checked it today and the level has dropped about 1/2" (maybe 1/2-3/4 cup I'm guessing?) The oil on the dipstick looks and smells perfect and the level hasn't changed. There are no coolant smells or leaks nor any coolant residue stains anywhere I've looked, including under the engine area. I can't find any evidence of a leak anywhere. It had to go someplace though. Any ideas on what to look for next? should I borrow the Autozone coolant pressure test - can anyone confirm if those come with an adaptor that would fit the expansion tank? If it's being burned off somehow what to look for for evidence of that?
  23. erikrichard

    PTU Fluid Change at dealer

    Stories like this and my own experiences are why I have done all my own maintenance and repairs for the last 20 years. It's not to save money or because I enjoy it - its because I need to know it was done right.
  24. erikrichard

    PTU Fluid Change at dealer

    The worst part of what they did was making you think the ptu fluid was changed, and leaving you in the position of having original fluid in there and potentially ruining the ptu costing you a lot of money to replace it down the road. That is an absolutely disgusting story, that mechanic committed fraud and I would never step foot in that place again. Well done standing up for yourself and getting a refund.
  25. erikrichard

    PTU Fluid Change at dealer

    Let us know how it goes, if the fluid comes out dark I'd ask for a refund just for making you come back and being lied to.