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  1. proof of concept received 👍 If it were my project, I'd go with a 40A inline fuse and a minimum 50A max load relay, just the sake of safety and operational overhead
  2. no actually its not. It would be quite simple to put a simple manually controlled switch in line between a direct battery feed and the trailer that could be turned on and off at will. This also removes the potential of a sticky relay draining the car battery accidentally. And i'd be willing to det there is a remote control relay system out there somewhere that could be switch on and off by a fob, or even a bluetooth connection. There's a million ways to skin a cat so they say (I like cats. no evil intentions here, just a saying)
  3. The right way to do this would be to use a key controlled power source to trigger a 40amp relay to the trailer.
  4. All Batteries suffer some amount of self discharge depending on temperature and type. Self discharge does not include actual loads the vehicle puts on the battery, even while off. Some vehicles have issues with excessive loads at rest due to relays sticking, harness problems, and other variables. if you don't drive a vehicle often enough (very difficult to quantify due to variables) the battery will suffer. I'd say that if your auto start/stop system is not working correctly, you need to drive more or use some type of tender. I used to use a smallish (about 6" x 12") flexible solar panel on the dash with a battery tender brand charge regulator to maintain the battery of a truck I drove infrequently. it worked quite well and required no plug in.
  5. I'm not trying to be argumentative (since i've been known as a bit of a prick) but I looked at your posts and saw several responses on them.. Its not very 'traffic heavy' here lately, that is quite true, but if you search you will find many questions have been asked and answered already. Sorry I am unable to add anything to the questions you asked
  6. I usually try to be helpful. Sorry if I missed your questions. I'll look under your recent posts when I get home
  7. Cerberus

    Preventive Water Pump Change

    ACDelco (among others possibly) makes a metal impeller version, which i used when i did the job on my 2011 fusion sport. Personally I would say better to err on the side of caution and do the pump, chains guides and tensioners now if not, make sure you keep an eye on the weep hole, directly behind the A/C compressor in my case. Any change in color in immediate proximity to the weep hole means the seal is on its way, and even that may not give you enough warning as I have heard of failures with no weep hole warning to be fair, the laundry list of things that DILLARD is doing is beyond excessive for your specific concern also, don't waste your time trying to rejuvenate the seal on the water pump. It is a bearing failure that causes the failure of the pump seal. I found a youtube video where someone used a water jet to cut multiple pumps down the shaft and sleeve bearings were all galled, no way they were going to continue to work, period.
  8. Cerberus

    6F55 (6-speed) Tuning

    Just replying to subscribe so I can find this thread later since I can't find the following button atm
  9. I know you're going think I'm a dinosaur for saying this, but I don't do IG.. i guess i know what I have to do lol
  10. Cerberus

    2016 edge wont start in 20 degree weather or below

    we need a more complete list of what was replaced, and any all codes associated with the problem it could be harness failure, bad solder joint inside a module, bad electrical connection to the harness at a module plug..
  11. FWIW, I sent them (DTP Fab) a msg through their site form, asking for a quote for the cold pipe with meth bung, cerakoted, and never heard back from them
  12. Cerberus

    Muffler delete

  13. I know the water pump is replaceable with the engine in place for some edges, but admittedly i don't know if this is one of those. but if the pump can be done w/ eng in place, that would almost have to be cheaper than a salvage yard engine, refresh & swap, wouldn't it? and your coworker is pretty damn lucky so far, but that is definitely an exception to the rule situation, and once the oil gets milked up, its a crapshoot whether the bearing surfaces in the engine get damaged or not. my 2011 3.5 seemed like it could have just had a new pump and been back in svc, but since it was an engine out required job, i did the salvage engine, refresh and quick swap deal in that case.
  14. Only you can answer the question of costs vs value for you. Quick searching for 2014 edge sport values shows them worth abt 20k for the ones carvana has listed with around 90k miles. If the car is financed then you really don't have a choice aside from fix it and keep it or fix it and trade/sell it, because the value will be hit hard by the need for the pump etc. Unfortunately, owning it outright doesn't change the options much unless you are willing to say F it and throw away the loss of value by selling it or trading it in as is. The good news is, if the pump job is done well, you should get at least another 80k out of the new water pump.. so that is an important consideration to the equation.. and you really like the car.. I had a similar situation with a 2011 fusion sport with a captive water pump, like yours. It sucks to be backed into a corner with no fun options in front of you. Good luck
  15. https://www.car-part.com Online search engine for salvage yards
  16. Cerberus

    Turbo PSI Guage not working?

    The turbo mostly only really spins up when the engine is doing work, not just revving. Get into 3rd or 4th gear on a long on ramp and roll into the throttle hard enough to accelerate but not downshift, and as the revs rise and the likelihood of downshift decreases, continue rolling into it. This is where you will normally see peak boost, usually about 18psi unless you are tuned
  17. Cerberus

    Possible PCM failure? 2017 Edge Sport.

    1. The fact that the dealer said they found no codes but ypu found codes dating back to before your ownership of the vehicle would tell me that is not someplace I'd ever want to business with again Period. 2. The slew of codes and comms issues can possibly be attributed to a poor attempt at diagnostics by a crappy tech or prior owner, so after full documentation of the codes and freeze frame data, I'd personally wipe all codes and probably even reset adaptation tables, plus check battery capacity and terminals for tight clean connection. 3. After 1 & 2 are complete, if codes come back, you now have something to chase down, as old codes are literally yesterday's news. Find out what is current. 4. I might, while the battery is disconnected to inspect the terminals, disco some computers from their electrical connections to inspect for any corrosion or hints of water ingress, and if you were inclined to do that, do it before resetting all codes 5. Good luck
  18. I can't find anyplace to start a conversation on transmission issues. I could do it under the AWD only forum but the same transmission is used in FWD vehicles so that seems like it would be an unnecessary segregation. I could go under model year specific, but again, unnecessary segregation where collective collaboration would be better Thoughts?
  19. Cerberus

    Transmission specific subforum?

    Agreed and that is often how I view the site activity but, when searching for other posts on the subject of transmission problems, it would make sense to have them all in one place. And yes, I can search for transmission or trans or 6F55 or 6F50.. but that feels more like a workaround than a solution. And after failing to find many posts about transmission issues, I wanted to begin a thread of conversation but found myself trying to figure out what specific forum heading to put that thread under.. I suspect that what I need is a consultation with a transmission specialist
  20. Cerberus

    Tires for Snow?

    This is going ro sound douchey.. but what is your safety worth to you? Spend the money on good tires on cheap steel wheels and consider it an investment in your health. Just my opinion Going to 18" wheels will be cheaper in total cost
  21. Cerberus

    Possible PCM failure? 2017 Edge Sport.

    I hate to say this, but the random symptoms sounds somewhat like a flood car problem..
  22. I appreciate the warning but this is not nitrous to be sprayed into the engine. When using nitrous to fog the intercooler (external spray to suck heat out of it) it will arguably require a little more fuel because of the cold air charge, but the temperature of the air charge in the intercooler will be detected by the charge air cooler temp sensor, and adjusted for by the computer. Back in the day, some performance guys took a brand new bone stock 3000GT VR4 (iirc) and fogged the intercooler with raw nitrous, which resulted in getting the car over 200mph. A friend who has done a lot of crazy performance builds told me about a del sol that he was able to put down over 540whp on pump gas, running a tune for 100 octane fuel because of using nitrous to chill the IC
  23. Cerberus

    My theory on why lug nuts fail

    probably about a 20mm, but not sure. 19mm = 3/4" (effectively) so if 19 is too small and 20mm is too big, you could try 13/16" or 7/8"
  24. Cerberus

    Possible PCM failure? 2017 Edge Sport.

    intermittent battery disco is not higly likely to be the cause (but not impossible and easy to fix, so definitely fix that) only because the battery is not providing power to the vehicle while it is running, the alternator is providing that power. However, that said, given your description of the battery mounting and electrical connections, I would definitely be suspicious of any electrical connections on the vehicle, especially if there is any evidence of anything that has been touched or wrenched in any way. Whatever your climate is, if you see any likelihood of needing a better battery, I would consider replacing it with the biggest battery you can stuff in there, secure it well, and clean up all electrical connections to it, as well as protect them against corrosion with grease. I like to use No-ox but have used dielectric grease too without problem.. You might want to peek at the alternator electrical connections too while you are poking around, specifically the output heavy gauge wire.
  25. Cerberus

    Advance trac

    it is more likely that the sensor has failed than the tone ring.. and that is much easier to replace usually