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  1. this happened to my camera just today. I tried restarting the vehicle with no luck. Any idea where to start? I’m thinking checking the connections 🤷🏼‍♂️ this is a video of it in action https://youtu.be/zFI-YfZfid4
  2. im going to upgrade to LED (360° so there are no dim spots) just like I did on my motorcycle but the bulbs have huge heat sinks off of the back. my motorcycle needed new headlight caps to accommodate those heat sinks. I haven’t removed the headlight on my car yet, will I need something similar for the edge? also does anyone know what temp the accent lights are down on the bumper? I would like to match that.
  3. shift_enter

    Parking brake limited function

    i’ve been getting this error. I scheduled an appointment for my dealer in Metro Detroit, and when I show that he’s said he had to keep the car for two days before he could even diagnosis it, I said no way. I had previously put some dielectric grease on the connectors to the parking brake motor, but that didn’t help it. I FOUND A WAY TO DISABLE THE CONSTANT DINGING- after you start up your vehicle let everything Boot Up, the dash and all that, then while pressing the brake with my foot I hold down the parking brake for about five seconds. I can feel the parking brake engaging as the pedal releases some pressure from my foot but I don’t let go, and I keep holding until I feel the pressure come back on my foot. I think this tells the computer to engage and disengage the parking brake. This gets it to stop the constant dinging and only a warning will show up once after I start driving.
  4. Thanks for the review. I put some 360 Light Moses LEDs in my motorcycle after trying some 2-sided LEDs and it was a huge difference. I don't think they should even make the 2-sided LEDs... anyways I am curious how they fit in the cavity behind the caps on the edge- the huge fan might be kinda close to the headlight caps. also, have you noticed any signs of melting or overheating on the caps?
  5. around 20 & 140 mph on the speedometer the lighting is lower than the rest of the gauge. do I have a burned out bulb(s) or is this how it is on everyones? 2016 SEL
  6. yes ben, mine does the same thing, a quick adjustment on the entire dash brightness seems to reset the brightness to a more appropriate level
  7. update: the brightness was always on bright, and the brightness adjustment in the sync settings (through the onscreen menus) did nothing when my phone was plugged in or not. when i adjusted the brightness with the hard controls near the headlight switch it changed! the screen brightness control in the onscreen menu works again and now i don't have to deal with the sun shining out of my carplay screen when driving at night. it looks like it was a weird glitch that appears to be fixed.
  8. as the title says I have a 2016 edge and I upgraded the USB ports so I can have Apple CarPlay. The problem I’m having is that when I dim the screen brightness in the Ford sync app it is back to 100% brightness when I switch back to CarPlay. The CarPlay screen is much much brighter than the Sync screen. I have tried adjusting both the dash brightness and the screen brightness to no avail, and there are no settings in the CarPlay app for brightness. The research I’ve done on Apple‘s website says this is a Ford issue. besides turning the entire display off, is there a way to dim the CarPlay screen?
  9. 2016 SEL with leather seats: I know it is horrible for leather seats to get products designed for vinyl and plastic due to drying and cracking and I am wondering if my dash and arm rest panels on the door are leather or synthetic. I want to use the proper cleaner on them to extend their life as much as possible. the dash and door panel coverings are softer than plastic but im not sure if the leather conditioner is a good choice or if I should get a different product for these parts of my interior. TL;DR- what material are the dash and armrest panels on the door made of?