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  1. Edge_u_Cational

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    any of this still for sale?
  2. EZ swap. used the factory bracket. cut and added wires. sounds 1000% better
  3. ordered FIAMM El Grande horns for my 2022. installed these on my wife's Subaru and they get attention hoping for the best, they only require a 10A fuse and the stock is a 20A. gonna bolt them in and pray to Vulcan
  4. Edge_u_Cational

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    i can break out the mic and do output sweeps tomorrow and check distortion.
  5. Edge_u_Cational

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    so, added about 10lbs of mass with some killmat to the exterior covered the outer rear with closed cell foam so it compressed to the body when bolted in added some stuffing. bass now set to 0 for my taste [was at +3] it's pretty good now. the enclosure doesn't resonate and that's a good thing. all that energy is now bass output here is the impedance sweep and T/S measurements of the driver in enclosure, sorry i didn't have the stuff to measure the enclosure volume https://imgur.com/a/K2ZOkvE
  6. Edge_u_Cational

    Synthetic engine noise through the audio system

    just got a used 2022 and i cannot hear the added noise. even holding 2nd gear and toggling the S button does nothing to the sound. either previous owner defeated it or it's not enable anymore
  7. Edge_u_Cational

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    I need to pull mine out and measure the enclosure volume. this will determine what subwoofers can be swapped in successfully. I'll probably sweep the stock woofer since I'm in there and have the gear to do it it looks like the JL Stealthbox takes advantage of a bit more area and might have more volume. I'd really like a 10" back there if possible. I'll post my results here.
  8. Edge_u_Cational

    Hello all

    thank you
  9. Edge_u_Cational

    Hello all

    just picked up a 2022 ST and man it's a pretty fun ride. first step is paint correction and we'll see after that. thanks.