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    Front License Plate Bracket

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2010 Edge SE last Sunday, very nice vehicle I must say. One thing that bothers me though, is the bulky front license plate bracket, IMO very unsightly. Is there a way to take it off without damaging anything, and leaving a way to put it back on if necessary? Thanks for any help on this.
  2. LivingEdgey

    WOW.. a face lift

    I am not amused. :wacko:
  3. LivingEdgey

    Shop Manuals

    Can you tell me how to remove the front lower bumper/air dam? I don't have fog lamps in it, if that makes any difference.
  4. LivingEdgey

    What other creatures ride in your Edge/MKX?

    I have let my 22 year old son ride with me a time or two. Believe me, that counts as a creature! :yup:
  5. LivingEdgey

    Dash Board Kits

    +1 :shades:
  6. LivingEdgey

    Edge vs. RX330 vs. MDX

    hooda thunk?
  7. LivingEdgey

    Ford Edge 0-60 times...

    Did you all notice the video right after that? Same Ford Edge going from 60 to 120 mph.
  8. LivingEdgey

    2011 Lincoln MKX spied without disguise

    The damned thang looks too yer a peein'!!
  9. LivingEdgey

    sync/ nav problem

    Nope. When my wife calls me from our Edge, it sounds very nice. Impossible to tell that she is in a car.
  10. LivingEdgey

    Up-dated design

    I guess I am more American in nature than your a peein'.
  11. LivingEdgey

    Up-dated design

    YARG!!! :wacko: I am glad that my 2010 didn't have that front end!
  12. LivingEdgey

    How quiet is edge?

    Having just transitioned over from a 2002 Suburban, I am disappointed in the noise levels in my 2010 Edge. First off, it seems like my Hankook tires make an extreme amount of noise when I drive down the road. I also hear more wind noise in the cabin than I did in my Suburban. On the bright side, it is a lot quieter than my 1970 VW convertible!
  13. LivingEdgey


    :hysterical2: That's gonna leave a mark!
  14. LivingEdgey

    09 MXK Navigation install

    If it has the Synch option installed, you can get turn by turn navigation instructions delivered through your stereo. This is an additional service that can be purchased on a yearly basis. As the original owner of a 2010 Edge, I was offered a free 3 year trial of the service.
  15. LivingEdgey

    SEMA 2009 - Ford Display

    I think the frenched in exhaust looks nice. That's about it though.
  16. LivingEdgey

    Retro Fit OEM Fog Lamps

    So what was the total cost for this mod? Inquiring minds want to know! :yup:
  17. LivingEdgey

    Driver's Side Door Wind Noise

    My results are just the opposite. I seem to have a wind noise coming from the passenger door area. It is not something that is occurring inside the cabin, it seems like it is something causing a wind noise external to the cabin. I am unable to pin point where the noise is coming from, but do not think it has anything to do with the weather stripping or door alignment.
  18. LivingEdgey

    4 prong trailer plug

    I think the only way you can tap directly in to the electrical system and have it work would be if your trailer only had LED lighting on it. Anything more than that and you would be asking for trouble.
  19. LivingEdgey

    WTB underfloor cargo trays

    Not worth it to me to butcher up some styrofoam that if I screw up would cost me an arm and a leg. Besides, my wife doesn't have an electric knife, she uses me!
  20. LivingEdgey

    WTB underfloor cargo trays

    it looks to me like they have a savings of $29 each, but the price is $117 each instead of $146. Seems like a lot of money for a couple of plastic storage bins to me. Darn it all, I think I might have coughed up the cash for them if they were only 30 bux a piece. :shades:
  21. LivingEdgey

    1000 off new edge

    I got a $3000 rebate when I bought my new 2010 Edge. That made me feel good. I know, I know, nothing special. But, it was $3000 I didn't know I was going to get when I went looking.
  22. An old post for sure, but the link is still valid for the 2010 models too. THANKS FOR THE LINK!
  23. LivingEdgey

    Front License Plate Bracket

    Thanks for the reply. Mine appears to have big black plastic buttons with a center piece of plastic going through them. Sort of like a giant plastic pop rivet. I guess I will get my drill out and see what happens if I drill out the centers.
  24. LivingEdgey

    If I Knew Then...

    My dealer synch'd my wifes and my phone up as we were taking delivery of our 2010 Edge. Seems to work flawlessly. I love it!
  25. LivingEdgey

    Red Brake Caliper paint DIY kit

    Lex, Calipers look sweet!